Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Finish Line

I finished the last of the plying, washing, and whackin' of the yarns that I spun for the Toure de Fleece. I started this little shindig on the 5th of July and spun ever day except three until last night. Great exercise for your legs by the way. Any hoot, I completed a total of 1240 yards of usable yarn in a variety of colors. Some are destin to become something quickly as Ravelympics gets under way next weekend. While others will wait their turn simmering in the stash stew. I finished 410 yards of Dogriver for the a vest. It's a lovely earthy green-brown-blue mixture. I also have some beautiful white Teeswater that I have been working from a raw fleece 285 yards all hand washed, combed, and spun. They be more to come of this. A bamboo that I plied with thread that is sooooo soft and squishy. A lace scarf of some sort. I call it firey bamboo.

The last yarn I made was my challenge yarn. First, I never spun Targhee before and second I loved the colors so much that I wanted to Navajo ply it so the colors to shine by themselves. Also, I wanted it thin. Navajo plying essentially takes a singles and you create loops to make it 3 strands. Therefore, to get thin, means you have to basically start spinning to the point that it hard to see the thin strand and its hard to feel. Literally. There were times when I thought my hand was falling asleep because I did not feel the fiber going through my fingers. That was a little nerve racking. Anyhow, it's the lovely blues-purples there.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More Than Half

That's kind of where I am in my knitting recently. I have spent a lot of time spinning lately and definitely not as much knitting. I would love to say I am a process kinda girl, but that would be a lie and lightening will strike! I do love the process, but I like the finished version much better. I have a hard time when I get near the end of any project knitting or spinning and I just want to see what it is really going to look like. Right now I have two things on my needles that are in that spot. One more so than the other because its a sock and its the second one. I had about 3 inches completed on Sunday and as of now the heel is turned and the gusset stitches are almost done.

The other is a stole that I am working on for a dear couple's wedding. The wedding is not until October, but the pattern is so pretty I just keep knitting and knitting. I am half way done with it. Its turning out lovely, but I want to finish it before school starts up and life becomes busy again. I have plenty of time before both happen. Man, summer is nearly over!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Birthday Hull

A few of my dear friends, Kara, Kathy, Carrie,Mindy, and Shannon and hubby got together with my family for celebrating my birthday. We went to Brazie's literally right up the street from my house for dinner. None of us had been there before so we were not sure what the food was like. We were a little surprised at how fancy the place was. Of course we had to make fun of the hostess' tasteless outfit of way to short shorts and high heels. She did not fit the rest of the atmosphere at all. Of course we decided that she would if she had on longer shorts. Of course the poking fun continued when one of the bus boys just happened to go to school with both of my kids. He asked DS what he was doing and , son replied "not much of anything". Lawn Guy made some kind of noise and I thought I should crawl under the table as I looked around at my all to knowing friends and our own rolling of the eyes and giggling. Unfortunately, DS doesn't get life, but hey, he's moving out with is dad sometime next week. We'll see how that goes. Then, we started in on DD job at Mickey D's. Mindy said "your store sucks", and Kara said "the place is hot." All true. DD just agreed and then poked at the crazies she works with.

Dinner was very good. Everyone ate way too much bread and lord knows I thought I was swimming in iced tea I had so much. The highlight of dinner was when they were boxing up our meals and the guy handed my pasta to me in a large go cup. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. After a short walk home we hung outside and had cake and ice cream. One of the great things about having great friends is knowing no one is a afraid to go looking for something that they need or just pitching in to help divvy out said cake and ice cream.

Do ya think my friends know me or what?!? Did I tell ya I spin. Boy did I get things to play with. So cool! Mindy gave me some hemp to spin and a bar of sandalwood soap. I love the smell of sandalwood. I love the fact that Mindy gave me a plant fiber to play with. I need to do some reading up on that one. Kara found some Targee in with dark blues, purples, and greens. Its funny because I am spinning one of these right now. Not the same color though. Kathy went to visit our friend Sheri at the Loopy Ewe and found some Enchanted Knoll. I have looked at her colors and have been wanting to give it a try too. That's the braid that's not in the bag. Shannon gave me some Northern Lights pencil roving. She said she wants to see what is looks like spun up because its either going to be really cool or awful! I think it will be really cool. It has light and dark blues, green, and bright yellow. The colorway is called Violets. DD got me some jewelry and the cool Betty Boop purse. We both like Betty Boop! Thanks so much to all of you for coming out and hanging with me. Now I have to go spin. Hmmmm, what to play it?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Etsy Update

I spent alittle time making some stitch markers for the shop and added a couple more bags. I have a different style bag coming soon and more markers. Please feel free to take a look at the shop. There's a link on the side bar. Thanks for looking!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Yard Work is Going to Kill Me

This whole week has been nothing but redoing and finishing. Lawn Guy comes home Monday (last week) with a truck load of dirt that we shoveled out onto our huge hill that is never quite right. Tuesday we lay sod over almost the entire front yard. So watering night and day because he** its hot and if it all dies I am so not going to be happy.
Sunday Lawn Guy's esteem friend comes over to help putting the shed together. I start on redoing the blocked area where the fire place sits. They get started digging out the area for the shed. I make lunch, dinner, and finish the blocks. What did they finish? Not much! I swear guys spend more time jawing when they get together. At the end of the day, the flooring is the only thing done. I am so not pleased. This the last spot in the yard to be completed. Its hot and I feel like we're spinning our wheels. Today, Lawn Guy, DS, and I put the shed together. It took all day, but the yard is done. No place for the puppies to get out and another spot to put more crap. Like I don't have enough. With all this stuff done, things have to get better.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Here is the sock that I started. I haven't been knitting very much this week. I love the shadowy colors running through this yarn. The sock is simple. The pattern is called Dublin Bay and it has a lacy insert that runs along the sides other than that simple stockinette. Gotta love mindless.
On the spinning front, I have been working on this bamboo for the last few days. I was able to finally ply it yesterday. I used thread because I didn't want to add thickness to the yarn but I am not very consistent with spinning Bamboo so I wanted something to help how it together. I love the way this turned out. The thread gave the yarn some texture and that makes the colors pop. This will be fun knitted into a scarf. Something simple and lacy, so the colors can shine all they want.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Buttons and Buttons

So lots of people collect buttons and other small things. There's an antique store with in walking distance from me. I have a couple of friends that collect buttons and other small things, so I thought I would walk up there and look for things. I have only been in the place a couple times. Its amazing how things that were made by hand have so little value to the younger people - meaning mainly kids. I just roll my eyes when I hear kids say that they don't want to have their parents' or grandparents' things. Gosh, they don't know what they are missing. I only have a few things that are antiques and I cherish them. Most of my family are gone to better pastures, and I miss those days of sitting in homes with knick knacks. Anyway, its fun to remember.

Today, I found a jar of buttons. No rhyme or reason as to how they got placed in the jar according to the owner. That idea was what hooked me to buy a jar. It was fun going through the buttons and looking at how they were constructed. Some have the hole going sideways through the button, some are covered, some were clearly hand fashioned. Here's some pictures.

By the way, buttons are camera shy, so I have found out today. What do you collect?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hi all,
Today was the 5th day of the Toure de Fleece. Yes, I have been watching the race, that's the Toure de France and spinning during the event of the day. Actually its been really cool to watch. I love looking at pictures of landscapes and stuff. This is prefect. It gives me the scenery and something to do to boot. This is some bamboo that Shannon gave me way back in the winter. I started spinning some more of it today. Bamboo is extremely slippery and I want to try plying it really thin, so its slow going.

Here is a finished knitting object. I can't believe how quick I finished the 2nd sock. Yesterday I finished a repeat on the leg and the whole rest of the sock. Gotta love monkeys they are fast!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Busy Days

No I wish I was on vacation. Instead life has just been very busy. Lots of things have been happening around here. Hubby and I bought a new truck, and found a shed for the backyard. So, backyard update. We built two gates and finished the last section of the fence. Now we just have to find the time to dig out the area for the shed, put it together, and put it in place. Then, the backyard can be a peaceful haven. Speaking of buiding stuff. I built a blocking frame. It turned out way too big and I need to cut it down and do something to reinforce it better, but at least there's a plan in the works. I'll show it off when its really done.

On the spinning front, I finished the birthday yarn for my friend Kara. Its so pretty and it looks like it should be an ice cream cone. Yummy!!

I also am taking on the Tour de Fleece. This is a prefect way for me to work on some of my fiber skills. This first pic is a raw fleece that I bought at the beginning of summer vacation. Its a learning curve to say the least, but I'll give you a post on that later. Here is the first 2 oz of what I think I will be able to make. Its worsted weight or maybe a little heavier. I still need to finish it. Then, I can tell what the weight will truly be. I love the shine of this yarn. It's a Teeswater and I have to use a flicker, sort of like a dog brush to open up the locks and then I can spin it from there.

Today, I spun up another 2 oz of the yarn for the Leftover Vest. I just love the colors. More to come later.

What have you been doing?