Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Tisket, a Tasket....

a basket full of hand spun!

Yep indeedy. I finished the last of the Moulon Garden last night. I have a little less than a pound of fiber spun up. I still have about a 2 oz. of the one greens, pinks, and golds left on the bobbin. I am not sure what I'll do with that right now. I ended up with 1375 yards of sport weight. I hit what I wanted, yeah! I plan to knit Pioneer out of it. I think it will be lovely when its finished up.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Trying the end on the Positive

I love a three day weekend. It helps to have a couple of days to just sit and chill, and still leaves you with a day to do all the rest. Friday night we made a fire. It was great to just sit and knit to the crackling sounds of the fire.
I think fires are a thing of beauty when they are contained. It amazes me to see how one minute it looks as if it has gone out and the very next looks as though someone pored gasoline all over it. Amazingly beautiful.

Pepper is growing and becoming mister tough. Good thing Buster is as good natured as he is. He shares everything willingly. Of course, I doubt Pepper really cares!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tough Week

Well I am nearing the end of the school year. Usually, the end of the school year is an exciting time for me. I begin to reminiscence of all the fun things that the kids did throughout the year. As we take things down and toss out all their hard work it fills me with pride to see just how far they have come. Additionally, this year I was split between 2 grade levels which allowed me to watch kids grow for 2 complete years. Wow what a difference! 8th graders can be really obnoxious, but you can have mature conversations with them. Their ideas and thoughts are just fantastic to listen to. I love them to death even though they are full of themselves!

This week has just been plain busy. Monday I finally got the Internet back up on all the computers. Nearly 5 hours of trying to get it fixed is just too much. In the middle of this, my cockatiel that was nearing the age of 17 fell off her perch. I went to her cage knowing that her end was near. I took her out and held her until she passed. It's hard to come into the room where she was. I was always greeted by a whistle and a ticking sound that was a kiss from her. We buried in the back part of the yard beyond the fence so she can rest in peace. I'll miss her.

Friday morning I knew I had drug my feet long enough. I came in and got to work. Fortunately most of my classes were busy pulling things down, putting things away, and playing games. This allowed me to get grades in, and progress reports completed. Done with the big stuff. From there that left me with dread of facing the packing. Change is hard on everyone. I know this, but it doesn't make it pleasant. I started packing, and boy do I have a lot of stuff to move. Good thing someone else is moving it. I am trying to stay positive. I ran into the woman who is essentially taking my position and she wished me well. Now I was so polite. Some of you know me well know that I am truly pissed over the situation, but that's why we have by-laws as part of our contract. Even though she's a shitty teacher and is not good for kids, she gets to stay because of seniority. She tried to be supportive telling how she and her husband have been relocated out of jobs in the past. I stood there and smiled the whole time wishing I could tell her that she should be the one relocating since it's so easy and a few other choice things, but instead I continue to play in my bitter barn for awhile longer. Again, changes suck!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

WOW That's Big!

Monday was my day for receiving goodies. I came home to 2 boxes in the mail. Oh cool! I can start playing around with the hand carders, and my Cormo fleece arrived, too. I took the boxes outside because it was way to pretty not enjoy the outside. I spread out the fleece on a queen size sheet. Wow that's a big fleece, and is it soft and pretty.

If any of you remember last year I tried this with another fleece that ended in the garbage can. I just couldn't get all the --it out. Literally! Any hoo, I really want to be able to buy a fleece and process it myself. So, this time around I did my homework. Jasmane, here, is a Cormo fleece in the ballpark of softness like Merino. The sheep was covered, another words, it wore a jacket. This is way better because it keeps the vegetable matter and poop out of most of the fleece. Now it is greasy, but not nearly as bad as I expected, and the perk is it doesn't smell sheepy.

The second box held my new hand carders. By the way did I say I did my homework? I really want a drum carder, but at this point every time I nearly have the money my car goes back in the shop, ugh!! I assembled the carders and pulled out a hunk of Jasmane, and did a little carding. Now, Jasmane needs a bath to remove the lanolin, but the teeth on the cards need to be primed with lanolin, therefore carding dirty fleece. The locks are so pretty and crimpy. I have 4 pounds, so plenty of projects can come out of there. The first rollags are okay. I learned how to use carders during my spinning class, but it will take time to learn to use them proficiently.

These other rollags are made from a Shetland fleece that I bought last month. Much better with a clean fleece!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Bit of Spinning

I love this!!!
The colors are working out nicely. I was shooting for sport weight to make a spring/summer top, and this will do the trick. The colors are so vibrant and it spins like a dream!

I picked up a Shetland fleece a couple of weeks ago. I have been working on a sample of three ply yarn from it. It's thicker than I want, so I need to spin a little thinner, but it is wonderful to spin. I think it will make a great sweater with some cables in there. I just hope I have enough fiber. I may need to get another fleece to have enough. We'll see.

Here's a quick pic of Spunky Club's May fiber. It's called Soul Windows. The colors are so pretty!