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Neck Warmers Go Around

Yep that's about it. Lately if it goes around your neck, I might be knitting it. I love things that help keep my neck warm, and this year I have knit just a few.

Delores Parks in Malabrigo Chunky - no idea on the colorway

Neck Thingy in Malabrigo worsted - Stonechat

Nobel Cowl in Cascade Cash Vera - Cream

$20 bag of fluff to Sweater

Back in April, I went to a fiber festival and had an excellent time. It was also the day that Pepper came home with me. Pepper is adjusting great in the house. Outside the house around people not a problem, other dogs equal problems. He just snaps at any dog that gets near. Hopefully continuing agility will help him to learn. He is doing well in the different pieces of equipment for agility. The trainer thinks he will do well once he is more confident. Each week he gets better; he loves to run to the jumps. It's good for me too for a couple of good reasons; I am getting out and having fun which was a goal, and I am exercising in the process.

Now, back to fluff. The bag of wool was a Shetland fleece clean and picked out. A lovely latte color. I hand carded around 1 1/2 pounds of fleece, spun into a 2-ply yarn, and dyed it to a lovely burnt orange color.

From there, I knit it into a fabulous sweater. The pattern is Mr. Greenjeans which is an excellent pattern. Easy once you start. To…

Turkey Day!!

Ah I live for the beginning of the holiday season. Don't know why because I hate shopping especially when the stores are crowded and people seem to have lost all reason of what is polite; yet still I love it. The days are colder, the skies a little cloudier puts me in the mood for snuggling on the couch with puppies galore, knitting, or reading.

Happy Thanksgiving!