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The Purling Puppies Web Ring

Winter Blah, Blug Day


Guess why the name OREO?

It was a nice day to sit and knit. The evening sky just tells what we St. Louisians are in for. While I was just playing around with my camera and getting things ready for today's post, I got a two pictures out of three of my dogs. Oreo is the little one. The other lovely girl is Jackie. Poor Jackie has to put up with two small puppies. I could not get a picture of our beagle Charlie. But he will be showing his stuff later.

Civil War Shawl KAL: Civil War Shawl KAL - Coming March 1, 2007

Welcome to a knitters kaos

Hi everyone! It's a glorious day outside as long as you like the cold. Well, at least it's Sunny and it's Super Bowl Sunday for those that care. For me its a quiet day for knitting. Currently I have a few things going: a black sweater with a skull design on the sleeve for my daughter, a tote bag for a knit-a-long, and I thought I might try some fingerless gloves and a cabled scarf. I guess you can see why its titled "kaos". I think that I am in the majority when it come to too many ideas and things already on needles or lying in weight to tempt you to start yet another thing.