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Aoelian Shawl

Hardest knit I have ever done. I have beads and beads galore in there. I love this color. It reminds me of butterscotch sundaes which was a favorite at the DQ growing up. Blocking this baby brought out the beauty and richness of the details. Just lovely!

Some Spinning

Wow has it been awhile since I have spun. Over a month! There is nothing more relaxing than sitting and spinning after a really crappy day.

Melons - was a given to me because it's Romney and it is not always the softest wool out there. The colors are so not me, so I will pass this along to someone else. It spun up beautifully and the colors are fantastic! 2-ply of about 250 yards. This will make a lovely Fair Isle project with maybe a nice cream color.

Ool-la-la-tropi-cal! Wow is this bright! Sooo soft! Extremely long color sections. I gift with one to Yarn because she loves yellow and there is a very big section of it in the skein. Fun to spin and the singles turned out to be the best I have spun.

It's Been Awhile

I know it's been forever. I have been a-craftin', but just not a postin'! Anyhoo - I learned to weave recently. Four of my near and dear and I went over to Illinois to learn. It was a long day. I got car sick almost as soon as we hit the highway. Fortunately Kara, who always gets carsick too, had some meds for me to take on the way home.

I love the colors in the scarf. Wish it was wider and definitely longer, but still all in all not too bad. Has the weaving bug bit me? Of course! I been looking, but trying to be good. More for later!