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All Day Sew

It's nice to be able to take a Sunday and just sew a little of this and that. I started the morning off with Ernestine. She is the first in a line of Bag Ladies Quilt club. She is just adorable and I am having a ball working on her. I am guessing I have slightly less than half to go. Right now I am working on her coat. I have a left side and bottom to finish. I loved doing the shoes. I did fine some very tiny buttons in my stash. If they are small enough I am going to use those. Here's to hoping it works out.

Next up I finished webbing and sewing the body of En Provence. This was my OMG for the month of January. Woot! It is really coming together. I can't wait to get the border rows on. I have the 2 4 patch sections and then I'm adding another 2 borders so it will fit my king size bed. I need to press this puppy with some starch before I add the borders. But so far, I think it is the best one of her designs I have done.

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Slow Sunday Stitching

What a great day for football and hand stitching. The Packers are in!! Great game. Watch some of the Chiefs game, sadly it was not a fun game to watch. So more football next week.

While watching the games I worked on the sashings for En Provence. Sashings are sewn together and I think I am close to assembling. There are so many pieces to these blocks it will require a lot of pinning and taking my time. That's okay, its not a race.

Speaking of taking my time.... The Bag Ladies Club is in full swing. I have part of Ernestine stitched. This requires a patience and exactness on my part. I love her clunky shoes. I have the hat done, the shoes, the box, and her sock. SO cute.

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How are you filling your day?

Ice Day = Sew Day

Only a year in the making!! Finally, a flimsy. I decided that I want to try big stitching on this. I want to do a  cross hatch pattern on the white sections and add a little detail through the embroidery for holding it together.
Since we are having an ice storm here over the next four days, I got a snow day!! Whoop! Better known as a sew-day. En Provence is getting some webbing done. I have 10 blocks finished and should be able to get them done tonight. 

 Chester hanging out in case a block decides to leap off the table and run for its life!

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Slow Going Process

That's about how my day is going. I have made progress, but nothing that stands out directly. I have been needing to do a lot of prepping, so today is the day. All of my En Provence blocks needed trimming. Yeah done. It's a amazing how just sliver can make a block look so much better.

Next I needed to doing something about my yellow blocks.

 I decided to switch out the large flowers I had for a solid yellow .

Score! So much better!

I also prepped by first bag lady, but that's as far as I got with that. I decided that I want to do some big stitch quilting on my power of the sewing machine embroidery that I recently finished. I spent sometime deciding what to do with that. I have watched several videos and really like one in particular. Here's a video link to her youtube. I'm thinking some simple cross hatching and such.

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En Provence Block 1

Well, I am not sure .... I  need to make a few more and add the sashings to really tell. I think it is growing on me though.

Pieceful Night

Good morning!! We are expecting snow overnight and, I am so happy. A couple of weeks ago we got a patch of black ice. Snow, I can deal with.

Last night as I worked on part 7 of En Provence, the craft room was full of a pets.

From the top counter-clockwise, Buster, Lacey and Margo. Margo loves to curl up on Lacey. I find it ironic since Lacey puts Margo's head in her mouth daily.

Then, there is Oreo in my chair. Between the chair and the orange cabinet is Chester. You can make him out if you follow the coffee cup straight down to the floor.

It's nice to have fur-buddies. Now, the finish part 7. Only forty more to go!

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Well, after a defeat yesterday for my hourglass blocks being cut wrong; today they are complete! Bonus I have the 60 small on I cut yesterday to be put together for another project. I have some spools from a leader and ender challenge from awhile ago that I think these might play nicely together.

Here is today success. I am really excited about this these. They turned out very well. They need trimming as all of the other do too. That's okay there is another day for that business. I plan to get the last set down before the end of the week. Then my OMG challenge for January will be getting the blocks made and the quilt webbed. I think it is a manageable task. Plus I need another quilt for the bed!

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Happy New Year Finish

Happy New Year!!

Surprisingly enough I was still up at midnight. This is probably a first in a long time. I have been reading a lot on simplifying life. I think this is something that I can get a handle on. I like projects and doing lots of different things. I still want to do that, but less. Instead of trying to finish everything all at one time, I plan to just take things slower maybe only a couple of things at a time. My main focus is just to enjoy and live in the moment more.

Now onto a finish!! I finally finished this little project. I started it in June of 2015. In the last week I have really put time into it. I can tell it could be better. My stitches could be more uniform, but once it has borders and is quilted, no one will know except me.

Goals for the month  -
1. finish the embroidery project and get it hung up.
2. get En Provence webbed
3. Start the Bag Ladies quilt-a-long

Bye for now!