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A Little of This and a Little of That

I actually was able to play with my fiber for a part of my weekend. After last weekend of cleaning, the only thing I wanted to clean was my spinning wheel. So, Molly got a nice hub down and some new oil. A couple of weeks ago some friends and I got together for an evening of dinning and dyeing. Kathy let me spin up her fiber after the day. I just finished it up this weekend. It's just lovely. It's fun to just spin for the color once and a while and this turned out amazing! Hopefully she will have enough yarn to make a nice hat.

Next, I spent a little time getting started on my spin for a sweater kal. This is really going to be nice. I love the way natural colored fleece looks when it's done up. I have only spun about an ounce and I have way more to go.

Finally, I found a nice shawl pattern to use for my Violets. Everyone keeps telling how much this looks like Noro, and low and behold I found the Simple, yet Effective shawl. This will be a quick knit, and I think the colors …

Halfway to Finished

Last weekend I spent the majority of Saturday cleaning up, laundry for 2 walk in closets, and painting the bedroom. I love the color. DH says it's orange and he learn to like it. Personally, I love the earthy feel of the room. Eventually, the will be a large bookcase and a doll case on the other wall, and doors for the closets. For now it's just nice to be back my own bed and not on the floor!

I did a little bit of spinning in the last couple of weeks too. The first one is a sample of Teeswater that I received with the white Teeswater fleece. I love the natural colors that it spun up to. Eventually, this will become coasters for the den. The other is a sample of Corriedale that I will be using for a sweater that I am spinning. I think it turned out really nice. It's pretty soft, but still firm enough to make a nice wearing sweater.

The weather is nice and cool this weekend. I think fall is in the air!

A Visit to the Frog Pond

This weekend has been full of visiting the pond. About a week ago I had a dip with frogging my Morning Scarf. It's beautiful, but I was going to run out of yarn before it really had a chance to make it. I restarted it with fewer stitches and it's going pretty well. The second dip was my poor February Lady Sweater. I heard that the sizing runs on the bigger side and I was already making it with extra positive ease, so off it went! Lastly, I signed up for the Mystery Shawl a few weeks back. Then, I decided that I didn't think I would like the design. Well, clue 2 came out Friday and I can't believe people are already finished with the second clue. Pretty! Oooh, I think I'll give it a try. Cast on, three rows in and I can't fix a mistake. Maybe I'll put that on hold and think about it.

The only good news I have is the bedroom is at least done enough that we can sleep in there. The hubby and I have been sleeping on the floor off and on for a couple of weeks whi…

Fibers A Ready

This 2lb ball of corriedale and a couple of 4 oz to add some color will become my first handspun sweater. Time will tell what I decide to knit, but the plan for now is a colorwork yoke of Zimmerman style or the Tangled Yoke Sweater. More to come.

Just in a Mood

I have been in a not so nice mood for more than a week and just can't seem to improve it. My job is always stressful at the beginning of the year, but this year I just can't seem to get organized. I feel like a hamster on the exercise wheel going around and around. I keep telling myself I'll catch up and not to take too much stuff home because then I don't want to do it. I go to work early enough. I am there before 7 and most days I don't leave until 3:15 and still work another hour or two almost every evening, plus the weekend. I know I should not be complaining. I realize that it doesn't sound too bad, but then there's the actual teaching of students with high needs, and oh my, the parents. They are involved and in teachers faces. I had a another conversation about passing time. I thought 3 minutes was the general rule. I know that's what I had in high school and I think most of us survived getting from place to place. It does stress kids out, but the…

Sticks & Wheels Weekend

What a nice weekend St. Louis is having. I was suppose to be out of town in Bethel for the Sheep and Wool Festival, but obviously I didn't make it. Lawn Guy has a freind who is finishing our bedroom this weekend. We have finished every room in the house including gutting almost every wall, built two rooms downstairs, and completely re-did the bath in the last ten years. Our room, well, we have ran out of "want to." The drywall has been up and there are a few spots that need dry wall, mud and paint. Problem is, just don't wanna. It's a a lot of mudding and taping and I suck at that. Any hoo, the guy thought he would be finished by the weekend except paint, however, I threw a monkey wench into the works by saying I wanted one whole wall made into a built-in bookcase. I have A LOT of books! Needless to say I am paying for the additional work and materials. All in all it will be worth it when its finished. I already have plans for a nook in the hall off the laundry r…