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Happy Halloween

Oh the web I spin my pretties.........


Crafty Update

It feels like forever before I manage to finish anything. Time just seems to be slipping by at the speed of light. I have managed to do some spinning recently. First up is a fiber that DD's boyfriend picked out. He wants a hat. Hey, I can do hats. The fiber is by the amazing fiber artist, Dyeabolical Fibers. The colorway is Navy in a super wash merino. The color is fantastic. Also, I just love spinning Rachel's fibers. The colors are great, and the fiber is nice and smooth to spin.

Next, is a first spin for Border Leicester. Interesting, it reminds me of a rougher Rhomney. This n-plied about worsted weight. I have another colorway that has a lot of greens in it that I think I may spin up and use the 2 for some stranded color work mittens.

On the knitting front, I love me some Moss stitch. Great for TV knitting or when I want something that is on the brainless side. The downfall of Moss stitch is that it takes a long time to do. I still have another 5 inches left on this section…

Oh That's Just Not Right

Time: 6:30 am
Husband gets up. Dogs trying to get me out of bed since they want to eat, and husband is not the target. Me avoiding said dogs until.......

.......... Buster pukes all over me! Again, world's dumbest dog strikes again.

Harvest Day

This morning,I went to the farmer's market over in Tower Grove with Kara. What a lovely day it turned out to be. The wind was breezy, but warm, which made for a nice day in the park. I love going to the market. I like watching all the people. There are all sorts, people with kids, people with thier pet, people with their other half, just by themselves. The market wasn't too crowded which was nice for the shoppers. I think the sales were good though because it seemed like people came to buy. I had a breakfast taco with farm fresh eggs. I love farm raised eggs and meat. It just taste better. Oh that the green beans are just as sweet as they could be. After 2 hours, it was time to head home and enjoy the goodies of visiting the stands and seeing good freinds.

If Your ever on Jupiter....

Originally uploaded by knittingkim Well maybe not so much. The hat and mitts are going to my nephew for Christmas. He's about 7 now. The yarn was spun by me and the colorway was Storms of Jupiter. I think the hat looks kinda close.

Dear Mom

Okay, I know this is your nice, new craft room, and I should be in here. I have a bit of a problem......

umm... yeah, I don't understand how to get off you craft table.

Your favorite son,

Yeah. I know he is all kinds of stupid. I looked in there, and there he is laying in the middle of the table, and has no flippin' idea how to get down.

Birthday Plaids

This is by far my best and most favorite scarf I have woven to date. This one was very special because it was made for one of my nearest and dearest friends, Mindy. Mindy loves bright colors like pink. She also has a hard time with sensitivity to different types of yarns. Hopefully she can wear this, and not itch. Iknow she loves it already. The color looks fantastic on her as well. The plaid wasn't really a plan more of, wow that's really cool looking.

The craft room is nearly completed. I just have a few things left to work on. Hopefully in the next week or so it will be complete.

Til' later.

Wednesday Weaving Update

Woven Scarf #3
Originally uploaded by knittingkim Here's the scarf I finished last week. The edges are getting better. I really like the drape I am getting with 7.5 dent with a light worsted. Now to try using wool instead of the cheap stuff.

Chill in the Air Brings on the Need to Cook

Yeah, I do cook, but nothing I really have ever felt the need to blog about, but just had to share. Hubby and I were up and out of the house by 7:30 Saturday. Yes, it is the crack of morn' however, there was lots of the every day weekend stuff to do. Oil changes on both cars, groceries, ya know the usual.

Anyhoo, I read about some awesome sugar cookies that were on the Pioneer Woman's blog the other day, and they sounded yummy. I also had a taste for ham and bean soup with corn bread. You would swear I was raised in the south because southern cooking is my kind of food.

Now the problem is bean soup take ALL day to cook. Yep, on by 11:00 and we didn't eat til 8:00 at night. Like I said its an all day event.

Of course the cookies were an event all on there own. Holy crap! 2 sticks of butter, 1 cup canola oil, 1 cup of regular sugar and a cup of powdered sugar. Heart attack city, but OMG were they fantastic!

Cooking is a lonely job when it comes to do up the dishes.

Fan neckwarmer

Fan neckwarmer
Originally uploaded by knittingkim I love how this turned out. The colors just flow together so nicely. I"m lucky that my co-heart has no idea that I can show this to you all. It's a Christmas prezzie all done!