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Happy New Year!

Well at least for school prone peoples! Happy new year was the theme of the day. Seeing the bright and cheerful faces of those that felt right at home to the pale looking, boot shaking newbies. I place myself in the later. It makes it tough when the teacher's new. Nothing like an I don't know from your teacher to make you feel completely out of the loop. Overall the kids were happy to be back at school. No real grumbling, that will come later! The day went extremely fast until I went to leave the building. An onslaught of the mother of all downpours. Sigh, I literally stood at the front door waiting for a break for over 30 minutes. Hoping for a better tomorrow!


Yep that's all I can call the last few days. They went by as fast as they could. New school is very friendly which is a plus. Meetings every day are never fun and there never is enough time no matter when I start. Needless to say I will be reading and planning this weekend.

Home life is going well. The steps have been fixed and the new entrance to the laundry room is also done. DD's bed, living room furniture, and our bedroom furniture all present and accounted for. Now I'm just waiting for the mattress to come. Can't wait. At this point I could just fall asleep. 10-12 hour days for three days in a row takes a toll on the girl. Hopefully more to come maybe even some knitting content!

Wedding Gift ? Check!

Well I have been working my little fingers off among the chaos of home renovations and just plain summer, but the afghan is finished. I decided today that I was just going to have to bind off and knit the border and be done with it. Therefore it is not as big as I would have liked, but it will do. Its still a little damp, but here it is!

Unpacked Ready or Not....

I went to my new school on Thursday to get my things unpacked and help set the room up. I met lots of staff, but I couldn't tell ya any of thier names. I know this is the way of a new builing. My supplies from the district have not arrived, nor the text books, nor do I know my caseload yet. Sigh. A week to school offical now and some of these things are essential. After setting things up we went to happy hour at Chevy's. I never do well at these things and I usually avoid them, but I felt I should go and meet people. Like most things when I don't know anyone I ate and drank a little until a decent time passed and said my goodbyes. Hopefully once the year gets rolling things will fall into place. Gotta keep it positive or it can be a very long year.


Dear Blog,
I know I been a little distant, but hey, it's summer! Yeah right, I know I managed to blog last summer. Arguing with myself is futile and looks a little childish wouldn't ya say.

Anyhoo,Pepper is getting huge or at least way bigger than he was as a puppy. He loves to sleep on his back and will lay on another dog to get in that position. He weighs 21 pounds now at 6 months. Lawn guy said last night, He is a really pretty dog. I'm glad his hair is getting fuller. Wow that is saying a lot.

On the fiber front. I am still mainly knitting on the Modern Day Log Cabin. I'm on block 5 finally. I did get a reprieve though. Since neither hubby or I can attend due to work conflicts, I don't have to get it finished by the second week of August. I am really glad because I love the pattern and it is going well, but it does take a long time. Right now it's measuring 30 x 40 with the 4 blocks done. I think by the time I do all of it, or run out of yarn, I'm thinki…