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Slow Stitching

I got all the binding completed on the charity quilt, so I got to spend some time on this sweater. I am almost finished with the body. I have a few inches of ribbing to do. Then it's off to the races for the sleeves.

The Last One

I'm so glad to be on the Down side of these. I have truly enjoyed making them for someone's day the be a little brighter. Tomorrow will be binding day, and Monday mailing day.

Bundles of Binding for H2H

Nearing the home stretch!

A Wondering We Go

I didn't get as far as I hoped on this tonight. I have it half way. So far so good.

Stitch Me a Top or Two

Getting my quilt top all in sync. I made three for Hands2Hands this year. I am so happy to put my uses to goods for others. I made a Spider web from Bonnie Hunter's blog, and I made a block that looks like a flower that I got off of Missouri Star quilt.

This one I started at quilt retreat and continued at home. Well low and behold, the top was 60 by 120. What the heck, I wasn't making it for any giants out there, so snip, snip, snip! A two for one. Score one extra for H2H.

So without further a due here they are. I only took a shot of the flower one since they are the same.