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Leftovers 2

I finished it up on Thursday night. This was a fast knit. It's longer than I would like it to be, but it's nice. The pattern was super easy and well written. I have enough leftovers (hehe! that's fun to say, since it's the name) to make a scarf and maybe a hat. Warming up the needles for the one row scarf! I can't wait to see how the colors change on this!

Oh! Since most of my summer has been dedicated to redoing the backyard, here it is all finished!

Handspun Leftovers Part 1

Ravelympics is half way over. I can't believe how many people are finished with their projects. I am very pleased with the way this vest is turning out. This is my first attempt of doing a fairly big project with my hand spun. The blue is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes and the variegated is my handspun in the colorway Dog River. The colors work so well together and overall the vest looks good to me. I still need to pick up stitches for the v-neck and the sleeves, but that won't take much time to do. I sat down yesterday after I finished the left side front and wove the ends in. I do say I am glad I did it then because there were a lot of ends! Hopefully, I can have pictures of the completed version all washed and blocked by the end of the week.

HHHH Swap Package Arrival!

OOOhhhhh! What a surprise I had waiting for me when I got home from work. Its here! Lots of fiber top play with. eserelda from Ravelry sent me a lovely package. First some BFL from Spunky Electric in the Thunderstorm colorway. That will be a lovely hat to keep my head warm during December when I have bus duty. I hate, hate to be cold. She also gave my another Spunky Electric fiber, 4oz of corriedale called Blue Moon. Love blues! Can't wait to spin it up! The other one with the yellows and greens is from the Yarn Yard. It is so soft! Then, there's treats! Talk about spoiled! Three kinds of tea and some chocolates! Thanks Claudia!

Guess what I want to spend a little quiet time with?

Meet Skippy

Mindy meet Skippy, Skippy meet your viewers! Skippy is a 15 year old Cockatiel. She is a little miffed at me for waking her, but she loves her new room.

Room Swap Continued

The rooms have finally been moved and rearranged completely. DD's room is full of posters and other stuff. I wonder why she felt the need to paint it because you can't hardly see the walls. She likes it even though I think it is cramped.

Continuing on, here's the new office space. Its nice and comfy. The dogs don't really like it, but the bird is loving the company and the fact that the cat doesn't seem to bother her here. Of course, I don't think she is easy to reach from her spot in the room. See the stack of files there. Yeah that's what I get to read through this weekend and get familiar with a new reading program for this year. The files are for my kiddos that I don't see until September for another job. I still haven't seen the ones for this year for my day kids. Only, five days before school starts and haven't read a thing for those guys. Some exceptionally long days and nights are in my future.

A Quickie

I finished the wedding stole for Mindy's Wedding. It turned out wonderful. Still needs a little tugging to get in shaped, but that will be the easy part. The pattern was very easy and fairly quick to knit.

Moving Days????

Its been a long few days. One's moving out. DS is finally moved in with his dad. Hopefully they won't kill each other and hopefully dad can influence DS on the means of growing up. Second, moving rooms. DD decided to take her brother's old room. This is good, but the room needed some repairs and repainting. DD picked out I swear floresant green and I nearly died gasping and trying to sway the poor child in something that would not burn out her retinas! Case in point its still green, as a matter of fact Kermit Green. Lawn Guy and I were painting walls and repairing some plaster on the ceiling and even the poor dogs looked green by the end of the ordeal. She's moved in well sort of. Every thing is in her room, but not organized. Lastly the move of the office. Two desks, 2 chairs, 2 computers and other odds and ends. Not the mention moving cable wires for internet and satelette. The office is moved and there will be more redecorating to do in there in the future. Hopefull…