Monday, January 16, 2017

Slow Sunday Stitching

What a great day for football and hand stitching. The Packers are in!! Great game. Watch some of the Chiefs game, sadly it was not a fun game to watch. So more football next week.

While watching the games I worked on the sashings for En Provence. Sashings are sewn together and I think I am close to assembling. There are so many pieces to these blocks it will require a lot of pinning and taking my time. That's okay, its not a race.

Speaking of taking my time.... The Bag Ladies Club is in full swing. I have part of Ernestine stitched. This requires a patience and exactness on my part. I love her clunky shoes. I have the hat done, the shoes, the box, and her sock. SO cute.

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How are you filling your day?

Friday, January 13, 2017

Ice Day = Sew Day

Only a year in the making!! Finally, a flimsy. I decided that I want to try big stitching on this. I want to do a  cross hatch pattern on the white sections and add a little detail through the embroidery for holding it together.
Since we are having an ice storm here over the next four days, I got a snow day!! Whoop! Better known as a sew-day. En Provence is getting some webbing done. I have 10 blocks finished and should be able to get them done tonight. 


 Chester hanging out in case a block decides to leap off the table and run for its life!

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