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Ho Hum

I don't have much to say as of late. I been really busy with work related goodies, so not much on the knitting front. I finished a hat for a friend a couple of weeks ago and its finally drying after I felted it. I have another hunting hat on needles that is sadly going slow, but I should finish it today. I can't spin either,ugh! I have ran out of bobbins and I am waiting patiently for my tensioned lazy kate, so I can do my plying. More later.

Life's Rough

Need I say more?

Yeah for Saturdays

I love Saturdays. Of all of the days of the week, Saturday is my favorite.
1. I get to sleep in
2. I can stay in my jammies, drinking coffee, and surfing the net, all morning
3. The puppies get their weekend dose of mom and playing
4. My all-time favorite, pick activities that I want to do!! Examples include knitting, spinning, and reading, and a little TV

What your favorite day?

For Others

Whew time is a flying! I swear this school year is off to a flying start. Now that we are in the mitts of IEP meetings, I think I am gonna die. I have 3 this week, possibly 4 plus parent/teacher conferences. I will be looking forward to going to the cabin with the girls to celebrate Mindy's last weekend of being single. I finally picked a pattern for the weekend, now I have to buy some yarn. Oh the shame of going to a yarn shop - yeah right, do ya know me? I'll be the one with handfuls trying to decide what I can't live without. The only plus is that I am at my favorite LYS, Knitorious, every Wednesday! This means I can oogle and ahh every week.

There are 2 patterns out there that I really want to knit. The first one is the one for the KAL at the cabin. The Broad Street Mittens. You can find that one on The other is a scarf called October is for Spinners and it has a great design including a big spider at the bottom of one edge. Check them out! I can't wait…