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A Novel Idea

I was reading the Yarn Harlot's blog the other day and she was talking about her husband's Gansey sweater that she has been working on. She made the statement that the Gansey was in its 48 hour cue. Meaning that it is the project that she will work on for the next 48 hours. The concept smacked in the back of the head so hard I thought my teeth would fall out. I love having lots of projects on needles at one time and I get overwhelmed when I feel like I am getting no where fast, but I want to start the "next" cool thing too. So I decided to take the advice and place WIP's in a cue. I think it will help me start new things without taking away from the old ones. I am working on socks from the cover of the Interweave book Favorite socks. I still have the rest of today to work on them, but I have most of the leg done and I think I will get to start the heel flap before its turn is up. Then I'll work on the MS3 for 2 days, and finish up with the brown wrap sweater.…

Look Out Southwest St. Louis! Chick with a Driver's License Coming Through!

Yeah, you guessed it. My daughter passed the test today. Good thing too, because she was so upset with me that I was late getting home, she thought Arsenal was the highway. I looked down at her speed and she was nearing 40. I shouted at her to slow the f---- down! She slowed and looked at me like I had three heads and growing two more. Of course she proceeded to tell me how she would not even get a chance to test because of the time. Now mind you I drive HW 40 from work. Traffic at Hanley was a complete nightmare, so my frame of mind was not the best. The whole time that she was gone testing, I knit, and knit. Her boyfriend stared out the window wanting to see her drive up. We both breathed a sigh of relief when she came in and went straight back to get the paper work in order. I asked how the parallel parking went because she sucks at it. Then she proceeds to tell me she clipped the pole pulling out, but that was okay. Oh my! I hope remembers clipping a car coming out of a parking sp…

WIP's In Motion

Well, things are off to a grand start. The kids seemed really nice. We were told this is a great class. On day 1 - a fight. Just little one. Day 5 - OMG! A royal rumble between two girls. One a of the witnesses said, "There was weave and braids everywhere!" Now I would never get between two girls that are in a fight. It's like walking into the lion's den. Needless to say there was a big pow-wow about what to do if a fight breaks out. Hopefully there are enough students in trouble to calm the waters for a very long time. Monday will tell. I guess middle schoolers are just a smidgen "emotional"? Don't ya think?

On to knitting. I have managed to knit, but I haven't really been spending a lot of time on one particular things. I have few things going.
The MS3,

Annie monkey socks - at least this is sock 2 and I am almost through the leg. I do love how these are turning out.

My new birthday project
- yeah I know the birthday was in July. Give me a pat on the…

Quick Update

Its just too, too hot. I can't believe it's back to school time. Every year we start just a little earlier. However, it as ways seems like there is not enough time to get ready for that first day. I find that I always bring things home and still feel incomplete on that first day. I'm a teacher and every year I feel like I left my bra at home on the first day. Hopefully I feel together on Monday when the kids come.

Well, since I have spent a lot of time getting ready, I haven't had a lot of time to knit. I did finish the lace tee. The picture is awful, but the top turned out really well. It fits and it was very easy to do.

Still plucking along on the Mystery Stole. I truly love this pattern and the way it is turning out. Here a pic through chart F. I am only 2 clues behind and can't find the other pack of beads that I know I bought. So if I can't find them, I will need to head out to Schaffer's and grab another tube. Stay cool.

The Stash

I find the small stash can really fun because I know what's in there. However, I was just using a medium size tub to hold everything. Problem was the mess I had with trying to keep the supplies straight. The DPN's that I am sure I had- digging all the way to the bottom only to come up with the handle of the ball winder wrapped around the left over sock yarn. What a mess. So off the store I went with the intentions of getting just another tub. I liked the tub's lid that I have because it didn't snap on too tightly. I have broken one too many nails passed the quik a few times on the other kind. When I got to the store of course the only kind of tub that they have doesn't match my existing tub. Now I know I should just not worry about things not matching, but I am kind of a color-coded organizer and picky about things that I really enjoy or related to work where I color-code EVERTHING!

SO, not one tub, but two, plus a smaller tub to fit all of the tools.

Hopefully I ca…

Clue Three

There are a few mistakes, but I can learn to live with them.