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Happy New Year and Year end Wrap up!

It's been an interesting year. Lawn Guy is finishing up the end of grass cutting season. He actually had to cut 3 yarns on Thursday! Amazing! Each year is a little less snow time and a lot more time in the yards. This is not a bad thing at all! I can't believe that we are just a few days from the end of the year. Overall the holidays were great. The family bought Lawn Guy's Mom a ticket to visit her sister in Chicago. I hope she has a very nice visit. Christmas was great! Lawn Guy always spoils me. Each time he went to the store, he would come back with something else. I have the first 2 books of the Dark Tower series. He decides to get the rest of the series for me. Unfortunately, he does navigate online stores very well, and managed to buy extra copies of 2 of the books. Luckily, Barnes and Noble took the books at the store as an exchange. Here's some pictures from Christmas at our house:

This is my bunny!!!

Charlie thinks he weighs 5 pounds - NOT!!!

Charlie hates squi…

New Plan, New Name

I tried another blog site. It's just to hard to figure everything out. So, I am back, but I really like the name of the other blog, so in the future I will be wheelinsticks here!. Since I started spinning recently, I really want to change the name to something that says something about both of my loves - obsessions is such a dirty word! I have lots to catch you up on, so this maybe a little long.

I finished a pair of monkey socks that have been hibernating for a very long time. I did reknit the first sock a second time because I think I used a smaller needle or I just am knitting tighter than before. No worries though, now the socks fit great and I can see the pattern better. The yarn is Deyebolical's Hidden Tiger. Love this yarn. It is very soft and feels great on my feet.

I am not sure where I am on my Kauni Cardi. I think when I cut the armhole steeks I messed it up big time. I am nearly positive; I am just waiting for we can fix that or start over. Fortunately, Lawn Guy t…

New Site, New Name

I decided that I needed a change. I am moving my site over to Word Press. Please join my new site and changes over at WheelinSticks.

Spinning Wheel Goes Around and Around!!

Look what Lawn Guy bought me for Christmas!! I feel very special to be the proud owner of this little Kiwi. The wheel is very easy to use. I have been doing a lot of practice yarn. But here is a sampling of the last wool that I spin. I have already washed it to set the twist. Its a 100% Merino and a beautiful color.

Spinning is a lot of fun!!!!!!!!

Branson Trip and Baby was it Cold!!

Lawn guy and I made our way to visit Branson for the weekend. It was very chilly. I came prepared, but there is never enough wool if you are walking around Malls that are outside when it is less then 40 and windy. We really didn't do very much. We managed a little bit of Christmas shopping and sightseeing. We went up to Inspiration Tower. The view is probably wonderful in the spring or summer. We also went through the Trail of lights. That was glorious. Of course I left the camera at the condo, so no pics. It was peaceful though. I did get the leg down on a 2nd sock with the Monkey socks pattern. I am starting the heel and soon will have another pair of socks to keep me warm. How was your weekend?

Turkey Day Update

I love turkey day. Mainly because after the prep is done most of the work is done. This leaves time to watch football and knit. I like the Packers and they won today. Boring game to watch, but they are having a good season. Thanksgiving reminds me of Thanksgiving as a child. My parents tried very hard to get both sides of the family together for Thanksgiving. This was not an easy feat, but some how it always worked. The men in the living room watching the game, and the women chitchatting in the kitchen while dinner cooked. I have great memories of those times. I miss my family greatly around the holidays because they are all gone now. I just have my kids and my husband's family.

Since knitting has become my favorite hobby, and I have been working on learning how to spin my own yarn, I really have spent a lot of time just working on different projects. My dear friend Kathy said that I am knitting really fast. I have gotten a few little things done over the past few weeks. The projec…

Fiber Weekend

So first off, I went to my second spin class. It was very frustrating at first. I could not keep the wheel wheel going. I actually switched wheels to a double treadle and was finally able to get it going after about two hours. I get to keep the wheel for 2 weeks and really get a chance to learn how to use it. I am one of those obsessive / compulsive types that have to learn something right away. I spent most of Saturday spinning. In fact, I had to go and buy some more roving just so I can have enough to practice. Plus, I wanted something with a little color to it. Here's picture of the variegated yarn that I bought. It's mainly purple and white.

Here's what it should look like when its plied together.
I think its not too bad considering its only one day of practice. Now I have to talk Lawn guy into buying me a wheel for Christmas. Right now I am trying out an Ashford Kiwi and I really like it. I also like the style of the Traveller, but I have not tried one out.

Second and…

Check This Out!!

I just found out that my sister-in-law has joined the ranks of craftiness. She makes different styles of jewelry. Her items are beautiful and just in time for the holidays. Check out her site. It's Tammaleen's Bead Shop. There a link on the side bar. Let me know what you think of her site. Of course I have also talked into a Blog and going etsy. Check her out!!

Knitting Weekend

I'm back. We had a great time. The place was just cute. We had a ton of stuff with us. We ate, and ate, and then snacked some more. Shannon had a birthday to celebrate, so of course there were gifts.

We worked on the the So called scarf. We had lots of names for it, but not necessarily nice ones. Once the pattern got going it got much easier, but only Shannon finished her's during the trip. I am about halfway. It's beautiful. I'll show pics later. Check out the pics. The leaves are just lovely.

Get Packed! All set? - I Think....

So last night I packed up the car for a girls knitting weekend. I never seem to get over all the crap it takes to go anywhere that seems like being out in the wilderness. Not that we are sleeping outside, but we have to bring everything. Just imagine, everything necessary in your kitchen and the bathroom loaded in the back of a car. I managed, but I have a very large duffel bag, a large tub, sleeping bag & pillow, and there will be a cooler, too. Of course the knitting bag will go in! Now all I have to do, is manage to get two other people's kitchen, bathroom, and knitting in the car...... hmmmm...... more to come Sunday!

Spinning - Well Sort of.....

Actually, I am really excited about spinning. I went to my first class on Sunday. Meyer's was having sale day and the spinning teacher, Carol, was kind a enough to give me a lesson. It's all very complicated. It is fun and hard at the same time. I spent a couple of hours practicing and learning. Now I have 2 weeks to continue to get the hang of it before starting on the wheel. As far as knitting goes, I am still working on the Persephone. Its about 20 inches long and is turning out really nice. I bought some yarn for the so called scarf for next weekend (pics later). Some of my friends and I are going out of town to just hang out, knit, eat, knit, eat some more and just have a splendid time. More to come later!

Lazy Weekend Update

I have spent the weekend just hanging out reading and knitting. Currently I am reading a book called The Burning Times. It's set in France during the medieval times. The story is about a woman who is being charged for witchcraft. The story is told from her jail cell to the interrogator who is a priest of the church. It blends the times of the Knights of Templar, the witch trials, and the Roman Catholic church. I really have enjoyed the historical aspects of the book.

As far as knitting goes, I started working in earnest to finish the Waving Lace socks. I was on the last half repeat before starting the toe when I decided to measure it against the other. Low and behold I realized I was a whole repeat off at the leg. GRRRRRRRR!! Mind you, I know I make mistakes and usually I just suck it and fix it. But this! Oh my! Not a happy camper. I sat there deciding if I could some how stretch it to make it work, no. Well, I would wear them under slacks. No one would see, but I would know. No…

Cool Breezes and Fun Prizes

Wow what a pretty day. Finally the trees are starting to change. I need to get out and take some photos because I doubt it will last. What a lovely weekend. I got some knitting done and just got to hang out. I started a pair of Fetching and had to make them smaller to fit around my hands. After I cast off the first one I liked the fit, but I wanted the length a little longer, so I added another cable repeat at the top. The yarn is Katmandu in a blue tweed color way. I used the DK weight with size 5 dpns. This is a quick knit and I can't wait to knit with them. I have them on now and they are just the right length. They are out of the way of my fingers, so I can type easily. These will make great Christmas gifts.

Next, my yarn that I won came the other day. Its just lovely. It's called Evilla Art Yarn. It similar to Kauni, but thicker. Each skein has 660 meters and I received three. Plenty of yarn for a sweater eventually.

I still have the Kauni Rainbow Sweater on my n…

Etsy Shop Now Open!!

I figured it out finally with lots of help from Mindy! Come and see the bags and corrdinating stitch markers! Is knitting fun or what??!!

Soon to be an Etsy Seller!

I decided to take the plunge along with 1000's of other very crafty people!! I wanted to make bags and accessories. I am starting with sock bags with 5 matching stitch markers. The bags are double sided and can be reversed with a draw string stopper or two depending on the stopper used.

Plus 5 beautiful prepared markers. I love them and they were a lot of fun to work on. Now here is the problem, what to charge? I think they are worth $20, but what would one be willing will to spend?

Here are some pics of the bags and the markers are attached. I also got a couple of nice close ups of the stitch markers.

Please help. One I want to fair in price, but I also do not want to over price them either. Please leave me some comments and I will post the site and price during the week.

Brown Sweater Revealed!!

It's finished and I love love. This was a very simple knit with Drean in Color worsted weight yarn. Yum!!

New Toy to Play With

Okay I finally decided that I truly needed a new camera. My old digital camera was on the first ones that came out. It take wonderful pictures when I am outside, but it does not have a zoom and I think the pixels don't go above one 1 meg. Needless to say its a little out of date. I have looked and looked and finally bought a Cannon Power shot. Check out the puppies.

Here's the Noro Yarn that I have not shown you for the start of the Lizard Ridge Blanket - Kureyon 159

My Lucky Day

What a lucky day I am having. First, my invitation to Ravelry came. I will be known as KnittingKim over there. Then, I won some Kauni yarn!! I never win contest and I was just thinking that the other day. Astrid's Obsessions is the Internet site where I won the yarn. She is great to do business with. She is based in the Netherlands, but I have received purchases in 2 or 3 weeks. So, I got to choose another colorway and I play some more. Actually, Astrid has a pattern for a sweater that is called the SSSSS Sweater. It looks like it will be fun to knit. So, what a fun day!! In case you want to take a look at Astrid's goodies, you can find her here:

Happy Knitting!!!

Where is Fall?

Its October 2nd and it's still fairly hot. I came home today and my husband had turned off the air-conditioning. I called him asked if he had turned it off because this is the guy that use to open the window at night in the middle of winter because he was hot! I said to him that the temperature for Friday's forecast is 90. "Oh, turn it back on then." Well no kiddin'! The trees are starting to show the thoughts of fall or at least the non-existent rain, the mornings are dark when I leave for work, and the evening seem like its dark before you know it, but cool weather? The start of new sweaters on needles or winter accessories? It's hard to feel like to the winter bite will be here before you know it when its hot.

If One More Thing Piles Up ....

I have lost my mind! Leave it to me to finally feel the need to get back into the gym on a more consistent basis. Sunday night I sike myself up for Monday. Sundays are always days for waiting to the last possible minute to get anything ready for the week. I know - denial. Maybe Monday should be change to Denial Day because we all know exactly what we have to do on Monday, get up early, act like work is the thing we waited all weekend for, rush to accomplish to do list that is dated a month ago, and begin counting down the days til' the weekend.

Okay, so, clothes laid out, lunch packed, jammies on, and packing my bag for the gym. What's the combination for the lock again? Luckily one try and it worked. Look up code for gym - check, ipod - check with the a long list of podcasts! I'm ready!!!

Now Monday morning I still excited about getting in shape. Go in the office, turn on computer and check out the emails. This week's things to do that won't fit in my actual work t…

What's on My Needles - the picture update

As you know I keeping promising pictures, but some how things just keep getting in the way. Cloudy days, sad days, and busy days. Progress reports are due this week, so I have been trying to catch up on grades and assessments. Anyway, this sounds like a lot of excuses and really boring, so on to the show!!

Yesterday I was at Folk Festival in Faust Park. I was there with the Knitting Guild and spent a good portion of 4 hours knitting on the Rainbow cardi. I mention that it seems to be taking a long time to feel like it is going somewhere. Of course it is a US 5 and it is color work. I know it will take time, I'm was just hoping that I can get it finish in order to where it for the season. That reminds me, today is the first day of Autumn - so cool!!

When I got home I started working on finishing the foot and toe of the Waving Lace socks. The first one is done and ohhh is it pretty!!

Lastly, the brown sweater has the finishing done on the front, one sleeve, and the start of the second …

Ideas and Not Enough Time!

It seems like every time I look at a new knitting magazine or the new Knitty, I wish I could knit them in a blink of an eye. I know I am not the only one out there with this problem. As a new enough knitter I have not learned to "bide my time!" I want to knit it because it's just the cutest little thing I ever saw! Then, I turn the page or surf some more and there just another and another. I tried out the 48 hours per project and it does work really well. However, I have found myself to be shuffling projects around and believing that I'll have more time for the one that keeps getting pushed back later or I tend to knit less on the project at hand because tomorrow I get to work on the fun one. How stupid can ya get? So I've decided I'll knit what I want when I want and be a happy knitter! I can't follow that much organization for things that I am creating and besides who am I kidding anyway? I so love EZ attitude about there are no knitting police. Not to …

Changing of the Seasons

I knew the change of seasons was coming soon because of the acorns. I have a very old oak tree in front of my house and every year it feeds an abundance of squirrels. Each year I can tell how the weather might be because of the amount of acorns left on the ground. The season change from summer to fall reminds of the changing of the guards. Its like there's someone new in town with an entirely new agenda. With the changing of the seasons, my own feelings of a need to change goes right along with it. I think part of it is going back to work because it makes the change more "now".

My knitting follows suit. I love sweaters! I am one of those people who is always cold. Today is in the 70's and I could put on a light jacket and feel oh so comfy!! I have been working on the brown sweater and the Kauni Rainbow Cardi for a few weeks. Like all knitters I am always surfing the net for the newest and coolest when I happened upon a KAL for this:

Isn't it beautiful? I like the …

Swatching can be so Nice

I decided that although working on the MS3 did not work out for me for lots of different reasons I really liked the not knowing the end result. I enjoyed working on the chart and just waiting to see what would be revealed. So, I joined the Secret of the Stole. Here's the swatch. The color is Lost Lake by Knitpicks Shadow. The yarn is thicker than what I used for the other stole and I am hoping that it works out better. I am not sure about the beads I maybe changing those to something with a little more contrast to spice things up a little.

Anyone else playing with Secret of the Stole?

Bored, Bored, and Bored

This weekend has been rather dull. I think its the rain and not being able to get outside. I have been knitting, but I feel like there has not been as much progress. I am dutifully trying out the 48 hour per project and I really like doing that. I will have pictures next week. I had a set back with the MS3, so I think some of the slow progress maybe more about that than anything. The lace socks that I started 2 weeks ago are going well. I have the heal turned and working on the foot of the first one. The brown sweater has the body finished except for the edging and I am half way through the first sleeve. Speaking of that reminds me, I tried doing the magic loop on the sleeve. I hate it. I am not sure why, but it seems slow and cumbersome for me. The Kauni cardi is coming along. I made a mistake in the first pattern repeat and I wasn't getting gage, so I went up a size on the needles and it looks better. I really love how the colors flow together with the pattern. I'll have pic…

Not Much to Say

Work has been very busy this week and seems to be eating up a lot of my time. I forget how stressful my job can be and although I love to be busy I could use a sedative. I think part of it is not enough joyful time to knit or sleep because as soon as I sit down I think of the stack of things to get done the next day. The problem is I don't get any office time until the very end of the school day. By the time I do sit down I can't even remember what I wanted to get done. I do make lists, but that doesn't always help. On top of all, our school starts district assessment tomorrow. Lovely to consider the weekend in the mass of craziness!!

Don't Knit Lace When You're Pissed

Let me just say for the record my MS3 hit the trash can today. I was working on chart 5 starting the wing. Now I knit left handed, so I have to be careful that when I am knitting that it makes sense. I started the chart, finished 50 rows and realized that I have knitted the whole chart backwards. Ideally I just start from the left side of the chart and everything works out fine. Not so much when I started this section because the pattern curves using short rows. Not realizing it soon enough I needed to frog the section. problem 1 - no life line, problem 2 - argument between son and husband, problem 3 - too many dropped stitches making the whole thing a complete mess!! Problem 4 and solution - screw the whole thing. Sigh..... Oh well, it not like its life and death situation and besides there are way to many other beautiful things to knit.

Some Days are for Pampering

Okay I've been back to work for 3 weeks and have finally received my well awaited first paycheck for the year. Not only is it nice to have money, but the start of the new year also includes a raise. Its small, but okay I'll take it. This means goodies for me!! Friday I went to Meyer's House. Whew, is that a ways away when you work in Chesterfield and live in the city. I have only been to Meyer's one other time and really knew very little about yarn. I paid for my inexperience by way of a tank made out of some stuff that had eyelash in it. Completely and utterly ugly. Needless to say it didn't fit and even if it did I would not wear it any way. I looked like a big fuzzy white bear. So, second trip a little over a year and a half later I have much better sense and a hell of a lot more class. Thus, went on the search for lace and more lace. I have a couple plans hanging out there. I have a lace scarf from the Victorian Lace Today book. It has a diamond pattern in the …