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It's OKAY to be BAD - It's ONLY Yarn

Well, life is looking better. As long as you're not concerned with rain, rain, and more rain. Last week in St. Louis is rained and rained. Of course, it is spring it should rain. Guess what's on the menu for this week, rain, rain, and more rain. Sounds like a broken record Huh? Of course there are only 18 more days of school, so all ideas of learning are a challenge for kids. Our principal gives us the pep talk every year to Save the Best for Last. True is theory. However, you could come to school dress only in the paint of the school colors with pom poms as your only learning tool and the kids would still say "I'm bored!!!" Little Darlings that they are. Speaking of total kid with no idea of what is appropriate, the other day my class was working on an activity involving writing a paragraph about ways to keep themselves healthy. I gave the example, I should only eat two cookies instead of all four just because they are there. Now mind you, I am not a Barbie nor …