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16 patches on the treadle

This is my gorgeous 1914 White treadle.  I decided since it was a lovely day I would play outside. I got 17 blocks made today. Plus a big old square that I will work in as I'm going. I'll cut some white blocks to make  it bigger. Hoping for a baby size.

Lozenges Leader and Ender 2015

Well this is the Bonnie Hunter leader and Ender for 2015, but I never got it started. I did really have the big strips in my stash and well, life gets in the way. Recently I picked up a bundle of fat quarters with a pretty large scale prints. Then, I thought oh this would be great for the project, so I immediately  went back and got another bundle plus some gold and navy for the bow ties.

I cut this up last week during my let's cut everything I can day. Next, I started sewing yesterday. Carefully making lines to make sure I have side half square triangles on the sides. Never went back to check to pattern - you see where this is going right? Um, yeah... No bow ties were going to come out of this. As I put the blocks side by side, to my surprise I had hidden hourglasses instead! Works for me! I have about a third of this done and would really like to be nearly done piecing before the next leader and Ender is decided. Heck, I still have the spools leader and Ender going here, too.

Slow Stitching Sunday

My stitching is coming along on this. I finally was able to track down the last two colors that I needed. Thanks to Pam, a Facebook friend, I was able to get a coffee stain out of this. I thought all was lost, but Pam said to try peroxide and baking soda mixed together and scrubbing it out using a toothbrush. Wow! It is all gone.

Two New Pretties

First up, I finished quilting the Spider Web quilt. It's going to be lovely to nap under. The colors look great, and I am very happy with how the red thread shows up in the quilting.

Next up it a little panel I got in April. Can't wait to hang this in the craft room!

Running with Scissors

That's been my day. I was in a cutting mood, so I did! I got a lot done. A start on three different quilts. The one with the sewing goodies will be a wall hanging for the craft room. I just love it.

I, also, got a great start on Bonnie Hunter's lozenges quilt. I'm doing this one using fabrics from Downton Abby- the Eygptian line. The print have lots of larger scale designs, so the big blocks will do it justice I think.

Lastly, when I was in Hannibal awhile back, I picked up a 3 yard quilt kit. Fabulous colors, and it should be a quick sewing job.

I have one more quilt I want to get prepped, but I need to make pit stop before I can get that one cut out. More one that later.

Highway 36 Quilt Trail day 2

Wow! Today was a lot of driving. As I drove for long stretches in search of the next shop, I thought About the endless amount of time the riders put in each day to send a precious  note to someone along the trail.

The trip was very fun. I got to see a lot of the country side of Missouri.  I forget how beautiful the scenery is. I got lucky,I only hit rain coming back around Hannibal.

Here's the loot.

Buster was so happy to have me back home.
Lacey wants to know where her goodies are. Sorry pup! I heard you was not great this trip. I still have two more shops to hit. Hopefully, I can get there next week.

Missouri Highway 36 Quilt Trail day 1

I started out in the middle. Rosies's was a sweet little shop at her home. I have great idea for how to set the blocks  now.
Huffemeier's, wow what a place. Huge store and very nice people.
Missouri Star is just flat out overwhelming.
All in all I manage to get to 5 stores. Hopefully I can hit the rest.

So This is My Day

Roofers are here hammering and dogs are a whining. ..

Hands2Hands Reveal

I am so excited to have made three quilts this year for Hands2Hands. This is my second year of participating and surely will not be the last. The first two are made from the fat quarter bundle that I received as a prize last year during H2H. I couldn't think of a better way to use this gift other than gifting it forward.

 I made two of this design. It's called Flower Garden from Missouri Star Co. What a cute pattern and so colorful.
 This one I just echoed around the petals to make the flowers have a little pizzazz.

This one here, is by far my favorite. The only difference from it's twin is the spirals. I love spirals and it is probably my most consistent free motion design.

Last but not the least is this little guy. Spiderweb by Bonnie Hunter. This one is a also a free design in her tabs at 

All of these are going to Layer of Hope. I hope they can spread some love to ever receives them.
Quilty Hugs.....

Scrappy Rags Reversible Quilt

Oh is this fun! I started the last week at quilt club. I only got one jelly roll just wanted to be sure  I liked it. Oh yes I do. Each side looks so different. Can't wait to go get the other roll and finish it up.