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Busy Morning

I have been working on a charity quilt for my guild. One of the Troy's elementary schools decided for an art project to make squares using the crayola method. They ended up making over 250 squares and seriously had no idea how many quilt that would make.

As of today there are a total of 9 quilts that are a good 50 by 60 inches. Great lap size. These will be going to a home here in our town to be loved on. I really enjoy making charity quilts. I think about the enjoyment that I get from mine and know that another will receive that same enjoyment for years to come. Linking up with slow stitching for the hand sewn binding.

The Finish Line

A flimsy! Tomorrow I am headed the Hannibal to visit Bits and Pieces. Hopefully I will be a proud winner of a gift certificate  from her
store. Very excited!

It's a Flimsy - Almost

This is placed for considerations. Hopefully tomorrow it will be together!
Sorry for the really bad picture....