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Celtic Solstice week 4

Celtic Solstice week 4
Originally uploaded by knittingkim Nice and tidy, This was a fun block to make. I remember something like this from last year, but I wasn't sure. Anyway, these will slide in next to the others and wait.

'Twas the Night Before Christmas Quilt

'Twas the Night Before Christmas quilt
Originally uploaded by knittingkim I fell in love with this when I seen it in November. It's a simple Christmas panel, so making it was a snap. I found some 3M clips that work for hanging it up on the wall.

Celtic Solstice Week 4

I love 4-patches. There is nothing more wonderful then watching the corners match up when they are opened up. Last year, was my first Bonnie Hunter Mystery. The 4-patches were the death of me. I made double the amount I needed because I really had no idea what I was doing and over half of them were nearly unusable. I was not what one could call accurate back then, nor did I think it would matter. Oh how I learned the hard way. This year, they are fantastic! Corners and edges meet nice and crisp. 120 finished and waiting in the wings for the next step.

Check out my friend. Josie is always seated behind the table snoozing away.
 Leader and enders project sitting on the ironing board. Back to Bonnie

Celtic Solstice Week Three

This one was a quickie compared to that last two weeks. I am not complaining though. I have all my squares done in just two days. Way cool!!I still have a lot of trimming to do, but I want to do each group a day at a time. Hopefully by Friday I can have everything trimmed. I can't believe how well I am keeping up this one. Now, I realize I am doing the smaller quilt, but still it's a lot to do. I am really liking how the blocks are coming together. This week's post of the tile floor was beautiful. I can see the colors and patterns playing out  with the quilt design. Well, at least I could pick out the pinwheels and the chevrons. Rotary cutter and mat ready for Friday!

Camp Fire Mitts

When I first got this lovely fiber in the mail, I knew it was meant to mittens. Sitting by the fire in the chilly nights of fall, I thought about getting these going. I n-plied the nice thick worsted weight yarn to have the colors to show the flicker of flames. They knit up in a flash, literally. Three football games on Sunday,
and a set of mitts for Monday to cover my hands for the incoming cold. I used a size 4, so they would be tightly knit to keep out the chill. I still have enough for something else. Maybe a little sweater for the tree... hmmm.. maybe.

Celtic Solstice 2

I love these little babies. I have a few wonky blocks in the beginning, but they got better. The colors are so great together. I have 65 done as of now. After I get the rest done, I will straighten them out and see if I need to do a few more. More to come...

O' Christmas Tree, O' Christmas Tree

So cute....

Quilty Barn Along Finished

Wow is this one bright quilt. I added 4 more barns, so the quilt would be large enough for our bed. It's 90 X 90, but it shrunk a little with its bath. Ugh... it fits okay, but I would have been happier if it was a bit longer. Each quilt block was quilted alone and then put together with the quilt as you go method. I thought it might be easier than struggling with a queen size quilt under my domestic sewing machine.

 I like the way the quilting came out. I used three different colors of thread, so I could blend where I wanted it to. The close up shows some of the detail of the quilting. I used a heavier weight batting. I think it will be perfect for winter which was the plan.

Celtic Soltice Mystery Begins!

Yes, it's that time of year again. This is my second Bonnie Hunter Mystery. I can't believe I have been quilting for a year now. The color choice is right up my alley. I love the idea of an Irish themed quilt since I'm half Iris; it really pulls on the heart strings.

My color choices are close to the color chips Bonnie recommended.

I started cutting yesterday. Lots of cutting. I am making the smaller version of the quilt. I still had a ton to cut. No worries though. My accuracy has greatly improved in a year. I had 92 Orange and 96 Neutral triangles and 188 pairs of blue wings to add to it. I really struggled getting started. My machine decided that eating fabric was a great game. Also, my quarter inch was way off. I couldn't figure out why.

 That's when I remembered I switched my needle to a thicker size for a jacket that I made on Friday. Duh! No wonder it was a fat quarter. I also took the needle plate off. Yuck! Disgusting. There was so much crap down there. M…