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Cold Front Woman

I just finished this up. I have about a 1/2 ounce left. I am so glad I decided not to add another repeat. I would not have had enough. Most of the lace section is more of a sea foamy green, but the colors play well together. Blocked 17 inches by 48 inches.

Spinning for a Sweater

This is a fleece that I bought from Ewe and I farms back in July. She's all clean and fluffy. Shauna is a tri-colored Rhomney sheep. I have blended the colors using a drum carder. I spun about 10 ounces of the weekend. I have approximately 2 pounds after the scouring. I should have plenty for a cabled sweater of some sort. More to come in the next few weeks. I might use this for ravelympics if I have all the spinning done. We will see. I am not rushing this since I have to spin extremely thin in order to make a 3-ply worsted weight.

Oh Knit Me Shawl

I seem to be on a kick to start everything in sight. Seriously! This is not good. Things I have started this January include a sweater for the hubby, spinning a sweater for me, and 2 shawls.

First up is a shawl that I am knitting from hand spun. I figured with the wonderful St. Louis weather this fits the bill. The colorway is Cold front and the pattern is Traveling Woman. It's almost done. I have the final chart to do and bind off. I was going to add another repeat of the horseshoe lace, but I am not sure if I would have enough yarn.

Also I found this lovely lonely skein of Zephyr laceweight in a very pretty colorway called Curry. I am doing a KAL for the Aeolian shawl. Lovely with all the beads. I like the simplicity of the beads on the yarn, subtle but definitely there.
Through the set up chart.

Did ya need a hat?

The Amanda Hat for dear daughter. Yes she look like a b---- but, oh yeah, she is my daughter. So yeah she can be.
Needed something warm for me. Of course I wanted something for 12th night. This is absolutely cute.

Dearest husband asked for an ear warmer of sorts. Ok I can do that. Had it done by the time he had to go out to shovel last Thursday. It did not stay put, so he decided a hat instead. The picture doesn't show the detail, but I did a twisted rib for 1 1/2 in, then stockinette for another 2, then repeated the twisted rib to match. Then I continued in stockinette in order to double the ear warmer part. Flipped in half and stitched down. When I added the top, I picked up from the cast on and knit until big enough. Turned out really neat. Good guy hat.

Use What You've Got

Use what you've got its going to be my theme this year. I have a lot of things that can or should be used. For example, I have library only a few blocks from home, and I just don't use it like I should. So instead of goals that I fail miserably at I thought I would change my perception of life. Here's a list of ideas that follow my thinking on the theme:
1. recyclable bags at the store - have them, put them in the car
2. eat "real" meals at home - plan and follow better. Have personal recipes, cookbook, and there is always the internet.
3. work out and get healthy - joined Spark Bootcamp and will be doing couch to 5K. I want to run this summer for breast cancer.
4. stash - ugly picture. I have lots of pretty yarns to use. Again use it. This doesn't mean I want buy yarn cuz that's a lie, maybe just enhancement. If I buy it it must go on needles with a project in mind by the end of the week.
5. fleece - I love using fleece from scratch. Have drum carder, spinni…


For the year, knitting was big projects with a purpose. I made my first sweater from fleece to finished, knitting a blanket, made a sweater for Lawn Guy, and a few other.

Spinning held a few more. Twenty two completed spinnings for the year with 2 major spinning projects completed, and four knitted items from my handspun.

Overall, I say a productive year.

Happy New Year! A New Decade