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Tips and tutorials

When I first started to learn to quilt, there was one site that I spent a great deal of visiting. Missouri Star Quilt Co. is a great place to learn a lot of information about quilting. The tutorials are so inspiring. They like to use precursor which I found less intimidating as a newbie. The ideas and the pace really helped me. Plus they have some great sales. Check them out, and see yourself .

Some spinning over Spring Break

Hehehe! I am wearing the socks at the top of the blog. One of my favorites! I dusted off the spinning wheel and oiled out the squeaks. Boy did that baby not like dry bearings. Anyhoo, lots of spinning making its way through the wheel. I spun up a lovely chocolate alpaca that has little specks of sari silk sprinkled about.

Next up, my favorite crack fiber, Blue-faced Leicester and silk. OMG!!! Love that stuff. This stuff is just spinning like butter. Yummm.... I can't remember the name of it, but the colors remind me flannel and very worn blue jeans.

Both of these will be n-plied in a few days.

Tales of the First Ladies Quilt

I finally have it finished and officially have broke it in. It's absolutely stunning. I really know how much my quilting has changed with this one. I started this quilt in January of 2013. My first blocks were just okay, but as the task went forth each month my skills improved with it. There is a lot of wide open space that could have had some gorgeous free motion quilting done in it. Alas, I am not there yet. It's okay though. The quilting with my little wiggles made it through. Even that has improved greatly.

And without further ado....