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Pretty Day

I can't beleive it. I can sit outside and not sweat just from breathing. I'm in my last week before starting up for meetings to get ready for the school year. I can't beleive how fast the summer went.

Pepper did well on the agility trial in July. He managed to finsih his last leg for his Novice Standard title for my birthday. A first place to boot. He ran great everyday in the jumpers section. His Open standard run on Saturday was a little of color. Pepper has "stanger danger" in the worse way. He really struggled getting on any of the equipment. I actually had to change side and placing me between Pepper and the judge to get him to perform. Fortunately he redeemed himself on Sunday with his first leg in Open standards. We will take it. Of course that fills the rack that I have been using for his ribbons. Need to come up with a plan, and where we will actually keep the awards.

Well mopre to come....