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Last Knit for 2009

This is the last item to be completed for the year. I really love these. My handspun to start with. I love how the colorway's colors played out. The pattern is absolutely masterful. Quick and easy and the hem edging was not only easy, but because of the design element you can't see the hem at all. It looks like a herringbone trim on the inside. Fabulous!

I am slogging my way through a new sweater for Lawn Guy. He picked out the pattern which I love. It's called Beagle. So far, so good. I am using cascade eco wool since husband wants this for shoveling snow; I want it to be plenty thick. Believe me it is. I am knitting this little number of 7's! Sleeves are finished, and the ribbing is done. I did convert the pattern to in the round and plan to steek the sleeves. I may also need to go down to 6's when I start the top since it's all Moss stitch. Time with tell. There is a lot of knitting to do between now and then.

A Little Spinning

Very little as a matter of fact. But hey, life gets in the way. I only have a couple that I have spun recently. Oh but they are nice. First up is Rolling Hills. It BFL in a Spunky Club colorway. Very pretty. Sport weight which is nice since this is a weight that is harder for me to achieve. Next up is a birthday gift from the birthday before last. I wanted to spin a chunkier yarn so I can make a Thorpe. Hopefully this works well. I love the color. All oranges going to deep Burgundy red. Very fun. Broke the yarn once while plying. Not bad. It is very squishy!

A little Knitting comes to pass

Not much on the home front as of late. Hanging out at home and knitting on a sweater for the hubster. There will be more to come of that soon. I have a few items from before the festivities that I wanted to share.

First Dear Daughter asked for a hat. Oh a while ago. Like while I was still knitting husband's Striped Sweater. Same colors because she wanted a blue hat. It was suppose to be more of a beanie style, but daughter has the head the size of an egg, so it's a hat. That's okay; she asked for another in green. Hopefully I can work on this one today.

Second, one of my dearest friend's also received a hat. Well I would say done when I gifted it to her, but it is finished now. Very pretty hat. I want to knit another. It's called Coldharbour by Wooly Wormhead.

Lastly, I finished a KAL for the Basket Weave Cowl. It turned out just lovely. I used Fresco in a nice medium blue. Blocking this baby was a little tough. I forget how much stretching, tugging, and pulling the…

Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to wish everyone a very merry Christmas. Hugs to all!

A Matter of Size

I am glad I can knit for people because I obviously cannot knit for dogs. I finished Oreo's sweater thinking it was a little big, but fixable. Ah not so much. He literally kept walking through the neck on Saturday. The pattern is very stretchy compared to the last one. This one is so much too big it fits Charlie. Great! Two sweaters and the dog that needs it is still freezing his bum off. In case you looking for a comparing of sizes. Well......

What else is there to say.


She is making me wear this!

As the Wheel Turns...

I know it sounds like lots of drama. Sorry, but no.... only spinning.

Some lovely alpaca in a heavy fingeringweight. I love the color. I really love natural shades of fiber. I have no idea what will become of this. Something special because it was not fun spinning.

Next up, Ribbons. This is Spunky Club's club fiber for October. The idea is to honor all of the causes in October, breast cancer, pink, alcohol, blue, and AIDS, red. I love how this turned out. I took all the of the lightest colors for 1 ply and the darker colors for the second and then put them together. I think it turned out rather neat.

Halfway to a coat

Almost, well, halfway any way.

Baby its Cold Outside!

Nothing new in St. Louey! One weekend 60's, the next 20's. What can I say, it's flippin' cold. I am knitting as quickly as I can, another words, the pace of a snail on Oreo's coat. Hopefully by next weekend. Right now he is camped out in front of the heating vent. Sigh, poor doggie needs a coat!