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Are you Kiddin' Me?

WTF!!! I came home on Friday afternoon to no fence in the back of the yard! I call my husband to ask what was he thinking. Yes, he had already called the guy installing the fence to complain. A lot of good that did. I have no fence and 2 dogs that love to bark at everything including the growing grass! Now hubby and friends did try to put up some orange plastic fencing, yeah know the kind that they use to keep people out of dangerous areas. The problem is, there is nothing to attach it to. We put sticks through the mesh hold it up. Then, along comes the rain and the wind, and half the fence falls down again. I have been out there twice tonight trying to fix it so the dogs can feel like they can roam little, but it keeps coming down. I can not tell how stupid I think the 2 of them are. When, does one wonder when they get to the fence? Well, fence guy is out of town until Wednesday. Great plan. I will have a cow if I loose a dog over this. Anyone else out there with a Dum and Dummer pla…

Is Ravelry Out of Control ????

I was sitting at Knit Nite when people began to talk about Ravelry. There are same wonderful things that Ravelry has given us as Fiber Artists, there's no denying that. However, the conversation was more on the negative side mainly referring to the concerns of the forums. One main topic was of Mystical Creations and the drama. I can not believe how many posts people have made to this incredible dis-service. Then, there's the discussion of "What makes you hate an LYS?" Here's another thread that is out of control.

Here's the question, why is it Ravelry as a whole out of control? I remember not too long ago when the Harlot posted info about the socks with all the leaves and vines that she was knitting and someone posted that the socks were ugly. Stephanie made the point of posting her offense to how it was said. Ravelry is not the problem. Its the fact that people type before they think, just like they open their mouth and say something embarrassing, and can'…

Time is a Flyin'

No, I am not dead just lazy. I wish I had a really good excuse as to why I have not been blogging, but I don't. I seemed to slowed on fibery goodness. I have projects I want to knit and thoughts about starting them, but just haven't. Maybe because I am on that limb of needing a challenge, but setting sights a little high. Okay it's called being chicken! Yeah I know, its just knitting, it can be ripped back, nothings to hard once you start. Start there's that word again

Start = chicken

Anyway, plan B - finish everything that I have on needles. Which I did. I finished the socks that I had started way back in November. They look great and fit wonderfully. Also, I finished the baby hat to go with the Kimono top for baby to be here on Wednesday. The hat was so fast to knit. I sat down to watch a movie and finished the hat before it was over. Very cool. Lastly, I started Branching Out with my hand spun. I started Tuesday night and it's about half way finished.

On the spinni…

Weekend in Review

What are glorious weekend!! It was nice to open the windows and listen to the birds. I tried to spend a little time outside today. It was lovely just to sit outside and relax. I haven't done much knitting or spinning this weekend because of Ravelry. I swear I spend a little more time each day on it. There is just so much to look at and gossip about. I finally got a decent pic of my Clapotis. The color is definitely darker then what the pic shows, but I love it. Its fun to wear and it stays in place.

I also finished the rest of Extravagance. I have right around 300 yards to make a simple little lace scarf. I love the way it sparkles in the sunshine.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

The Mad Hatter Baby Hat

Isn't it cute. So fast to knit. I used Kim's cotton baby hat pattern from Last Minutes Gifts. I love that book!

Mad Hatter Challenge

This is a quickie. I thought I'd take up the Mad Hatter Challenge. Make a basic adult hat and post before your opposition does. Easy cheesy black hat. Good news, a half a ball less in the stash!!