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Day 2

Went a little better. Weather is prefect for outdoor activities. I will be playing outside for most of the day, or at least its the plan for now.

Day one: Couch to 5K

Yep, I started. I have been running with Pepper during agility for months now, and keep saying how I need to go out and run on my own. Day 1 was today. Remind me next time to do it earlier in the morning. Augh, it was hot, but hey it went pretty well. I am using a running podcast to help with with the intervals because if I have to do the math, well, its just not going to happen. Anyhoo, I took Pepper with me, since he does so well on a leash. The only problem we encountered was the ducks. Pepper has never seen ducks and took a liking to one of them. For some reason the duck was a little offended that Pep would actually try to stiff it's head. It dived under the water, and I wasn't too sure there my dear old boy didn't try to take a bite. Fortunately, the duck just dove under the water and came up a little further way from the sidewalk squawking a bit. Not too bad overall. Tuesday will be day 2. More to come.

Shauna Drumcarded

Shauna drumcarded
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I finished carding the rest of Shaun'a fleece. I probably have in the neighborhood of 30 oz altogether. I love spinning from a freshly carded batt. Makes life grand. More to come.

Carding and Blocking

I finished the pieces of Girl Friday. She's blocking now. I still have to seam her up and do the collar, but overall it has been a great knit. I also pulled out my drum carder to finish up carding my Romney fleece. Let me tell you spinning from a batt is pure heaven. So smooth it just spins nearly by itself. This spin will hopefully be enough for an Estes Vest. I love the style of the vest and of course I am also a fan of cables. This fleece was the last of her as her owner went over the rainbow over winter. I truly hope the garment will do her justice. Pics to come.

Checking In


And now: The Knitting

Lawn Guy's sweater

A shawl

Baby Sweater

Out from under a rock

Or better known as summer vacation. I think I am worse than the kids. First year I have ever counted down before last 10 days. Sheash! Moving on.....

So the good news, I have been knitting, spinning, and weaving. Bad news, not a lot.
Good news, I finally will have a craft room. Bad news dear daughter moved out. Needless to say sweet and sour together. Here's a few spins of late.

Tomorrow, knitting!