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Been Skinny Dippin' in the Frog Pond

Yes that's right the frog pond has been biting me most of the week. I swear there are days when everything I knit looks like, well not like it should. Ever had one of those weeks or months? I had to rip out and start completely over on the Mystery Stole. Yes, I did have a life line, but I life line can not save you if you have tangled up your knitting to the point that you can't rip it back NICELY! So dip one. I reknit the first clue and the second clue. They look hundred times better. Take a look.

Clue One

Clue Two

Then there's the Lace Tee that I have been working on. The back was done a while ago. I decided I would knit the sleeve. Now due to the fact that I knew what the pattern was, well, I just started knitting the sleeve. Humm, the pattern seems different. Well I sure it fine, no need to look. I continued with that superior attitude until I had the completed sleeve. Well that went so quick I immediately cast on the second sleeve. Here's where the trouble begins. …

Not Much for new

Hi everyone,
I am making this short because I am trying to play catch up. First Mystery Stole - still on the 2nd week. I really love it truly I do. Second I have been rereading all the Harry P books to get ready for the last. Of course my husband has a way of trying to spoil it for me. I have my own thoughts but I keep them to myself. Anyway I am on page 60ish, so this has to be quick. I did go to the movie, but I felt they could have done a better job. Oh well if we could have our say, we would be sitting in the theater til' hell freezes over.

Mysteries and Surprises

First there was yarn and beads....

....then, along came the mystery stole. I did not plan on knitting this, but I read the Harlot's blog, aka my yarn heroine, and got sucked in. Then, I planned on no beads. I know call me a chicken. I started the stole, once, then again. When I was working on the stole for the second time still contemplating to bead or not. I decided if I screwed up again, well I would do it with the beads. I have to tell you, it has been worth the do-overs. I like the pattern, of course I am still working on the first clue and have only knitted to the 82nd row, but it is lovely. There are nearly 6700 people making the stole. So very cool. Also,there will be an article in USA today sometime soon because of us probably crashing Yahoo's server.

I have been plenty busy. I have two surprises that I am knitting. The first is a wedding gift. An Afghan for the newlyweds-to-be getting married on the 28th, which is also my B-day. I have about half done now, so I need to …

Way Too Many Ziggs and Zangs

Well, I made it back in one piece. Let me tell ya, Arkansas is the state of lots of curves and more curves. I had every intention of knitting and knitting on the 6 hour drive. Plan B - trying not to puke at every turn. I always bring some form of motion sickness medicine just in case. Its been a long time since I have gotten sick on a road trip. This one to say the least was awful. By the time we hit Springfield I thought I would just die. We stopped and ate. Lawn Guy is such a great person it's not a wonder why I love him. Next stop, Fairfeild Bay Arkansas. I figured after I ate and rested outside of a moving vehicle, this would be better. No knitting but at least I could could keep hubby company. I was okay through Branson, until Highway 65 decided that anything that looked straight was just too much. Oh my God!!! We had to stop again for more non-puking meds and I was still a mess. Not only were the roads a hazard, but then you add the idiots who think they know where they are …