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Still Coasting Down 36

I finished another four blocks! I am down to the wire with one left for tomorrow.

Headed Down the Highway

Quilt trail that is. I managed to get 3 more blocks completed while quilt cam with Bonnie Hunter was on. I only have 4 blocks left to do now.

Feeling excited. ...

A Flimsy Finish

She is all put together.  I have been thinking about how I want to quilt it. I am really considering a line like a paperclip  through the lozenges.  I think that would have a neat effect.

Cool looking .

Peicng along with Bonnie

I caught up with Bonnie Hunter 's quiltcam last night. I love being able to sew right along with her. Even though the sewing is for her personal creative time, I still learn a ton.

I am about halfway through the highway 36 blocks, and nearing the end of the lozenges leader and ender challenge.

Unloading the Bobbins

Tour de Fleece (France ) has officially started! I love watching the tour. I missed the first two days, but the jig is up. Today there was one HUGE crash that involved many riders. Tonight will make or break some of them. My hope is that they all heal as quickly as they can. I do know that one of the riders had a dislocated shoulder that was put back in place, and he started riding again. The race is very dangerous and mind grueling. It is a true test of commitment.

My commitment is to spin every day. So, here's the low down:
Rainbow yarn bulky weight 168 yes
Blues/Browns DK weight 228
3 1/2 oz. of singles

Happy 4th of July

A very American kind of day for me. The fireworks ended sometime around 1 A.M. here. I am sure tonight will be the same. I was up by 7 because hey, the dogs wanted breakfast. I had a cup of coffee and some cereal, cor worst a friend into going to a gun show with me. I find guns to be interesting. I grew up with loaded guns around the house, and I just knew my backside would not be happy if I ever decided to touch one. Not sure why we have such problems with kids now a days touching them Of course things have changed in the world of discipline.Anyway, no soapbox rants! I did find a compact gun for conceal and carry and home defense. No, I am not one of those doomsday people; I just like guns. Anyway, I got a great deal on it and had a good time hanging with my co-conspirator.

Then onto brats, hot dogs, and hamburgers for dinner. I told you it was all-american! Fireworks tonight were amazing! I hung out with the central spur as we have dubbed our section of the subdivision watching the …

Highway 36 Quilt Trail day 3

Last day for picking all my squares. I made it to Shelbina and Hannibal. all three quilt stores were wonderful. Now I just need to get to work on putting it together!

Highway 36 Quilt Trail - Now in session

I have successfully piece 2 3/4 blocks. Odd amount? Yeppers, cuz one of my blocks is missing a 5 inch square from the kit. Plans for tomorrow.... Call the shop and see what can be done about it. It's all the way up near St. Joe's, and I am not traveling back for a square. My plan is to try to find it near here, or maybe they will send a piece. No telling, so the block is in limbo.

More tomorrow!