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Babies and More Babies

I think there is a baby boom, at least at my work. I just found out there are 2 more babes on the way. That brings the total of babies coming for work alone to a whopping 5, plus a close friend's 1st grandbaby!! I realize its a big school and lots of teachers, but it will be sub city for a good portion of the end of school and the beginning of next.

This time I am going to try a baby outfit. I have made several baby blankets in the past. I like to crochet them because it is so much faster than knitting. I also made a quilt with toys that were attached with Velcro. That was a fun gift to make and very user friendly. One of the cool things about learning a new craft is looking and buying all the neat books. One of the books that I have always wanted but couldn't justifying buying just because was Mason-Dixon Knitting. I love some of the items in there including the Baby Kimono. I just fell in love with it. First as a mom, I like the idea of being able to get to a wet diaper with…

Dear Gardagami

I wanted to let you and EVERYONE WHO READS MY BLOG AND SEES YOUR NAME - DO NOT OPEN COMMENT!! For some reason there seems to be a virus attached to it! I can't imagine just what I or any others have done to bother you so. Maybe your a hater of the fiber arts? Well if this is the case, then don't read the blogs that include that kind of love. For you fiber related friends, again I must repeat don't open anything that says Gardagami for the blog name.

Wednesday Update

Like the title? Yeah I know everyone uses it, but it does perk up your attention! I said I would have pictures of my knitting. I wanted to block the Teal sweater before I took pictures of it. I love it. The sleeves are suppose to be longish and I like that sometimes. It fits well with the funnel neck. Its so soft and it blocked out very nicely. Note very favorite coffee mug.

The next two are the only wips I have right now. I am really going to try and finish one of the socks and have a healthy start on the second before I start something else. Surely I can stick to that, sigh. Those of you who truly know me know not to take that bet! Clapote is plugging along nicely. I am have half through and I absolutely love the color. Note its cloudy and it has rained for 2 flippin' days here is St. Louis, so the colors do not look to good.

What have you been up to?

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I'm a little slow on the uptake today. I have a cold and it is definitely getting worse. Why is it when one has a vacation,i.e. Spring Break, one has to come down with something? Well at least I can get some rest and hopefully kick out quickly.

So yesterday a couple of friends,craftyandcrap and starmonkeybrass came over for a St. Patty's dinner and knitting fun. We had a great time!

I have been knitting, but not getting things finished yet. I have the Teal Me sweater down to the last 1/2 of a sleeve. Then, because I'm an idiot I have to darn almost every purl increase in the top portion of the sweater because I increased improperly causing holes in about half of the increases. That's okay thought because it won't show when its finished.

The Clapote is about half way. It is fun dropping stitches. I like the construction of the scarf because it is fun to see how one slight maneuver changes the shape of the whole thing.

The poor socks that have sat in the bag and nearl…

Open Mouth Insert Foot

Last week I had a migraine and did not go to work. The next day, I still had a dull headache which I already had told the students I still had. My first hour class is a lot of fun.
I am sitting there working with a student A when student B says, "So how was your day yesterday. Mrs. D?"
The student A and I turn around and look at him.
Student B recovers quickly and said, "Oh yeah you had a migraine."
Being the smartass that I am, I quickly started telling student B my sufferages of the migraine and how laying in a dark room is the best activity ever and time well spent!
Some days it just pays to work with kids:)

Wheelin the Wheel

I was at work on Friday and just could wait to get home and spin and spin some more. I have some beautiful fibers to spin up and I just couldn't wait. I wanted to spend a little time talking about the things that I have learned recently. I have had my wheel since November. I love it!! This is the fiber that I bought to practice with. I have spun up a little at a time of the past past 4 months. I put all three together to get a good gauge of how my spinning is coming along.

The first one on the left is the first one I spun. There are lots of extra curly, crimpy spots. WHat my instructor would call extra energy! Its a little rough to the touch. The middle one is better. The last one I spin up over the past week. It looks remarkably better. Its softer than the others. All are about DK to worsted weight. I spent more time pre-drafting on the alst one and the results are much improved.

This what I spun yesterday and this morning. It's Extravagance for butterflydesigns. It is merino /…

Knitting Three Ways

I love this color! I started this today after I finished the Kauni. Yes, its done and more to follow. Anyway, the newly found colors seem to be leaning to blues of sorts and purplish to boot. See further! Anyway, the sweater will be Citrus Yoke from Interweave Winter 2007. I am using 11's - oh goodie! BIG needles!I think this could be a fast knit. Winter is still very much here and I can wear this in the early part of spring. I can't believe Spring Break is in 2 weeks!

I started working on the Clapote when I only had a 1/2 of sleeve to go. Its just a start, but I love the color. See the color theme as the present moment? It Dream in Color Classy's Night Aurora. I have finished 3 of the increase sections and have 3 more to go before I get to the straight knitting. Its a great on the go project.

The grand finale or is it just finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its done!! The front and the sleeves turn out really nice and it fits really well. I wasn't sure if it would look a littl…