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Just a Quickie

I wanted to let you know I only have another 3 inches of the last sleeve of the Rainbow Kauni Cardi. Only three inches!! Of course there is still the neck and the front edges to do; plus sewing on buttons to finish, but I am nearly there. Hopefully pics within the week!!

Snow Days and Fiber Days

Thursday was a blast! I got more than half way to work and terrified of the ice, when the phone rang..... "This is an automated message. School will be closed...." Could they have decided earlier, you ask? No, of course not. Mother Nature loves a good show. Man, did she get one. I was glad to be off of Highway 44. Fortunately, I was off the road by 6:30 when my windshield was so iced over I couldn't see. I decided to take Big Bend the rest of the way and got to turn around and head back. Hit the grocery store on the way home and I have been at home ever since. I am starting to get a littel stir-crazy. Yes, I could get out now, but Lawn Guy has my car, since his is frozen under.

So, I have been making use of my time with my knitting and spinning. I have been working on the purple Kauni sweater. I thought it looked small, so I got out the handy measuring tape. Damn my luck. Its really small. The pattern calls for #3 and I was using #5. I missed hitting gauge by a lot. I sho…

Ice Hell

Can I just say I like snow. I even like a wintery day. However, I hate, hate ice and crappy weather. Driving home was a mess. The roads were not great, but I literally drove 5 to 8 miles an hour from Chesterfield. It usually takes a 1/2 hour to get home. Not today. An hour and a half! People need to realize when road conditions warrant driving like an ass. Today was not the day. Obviously my mood has not changed much.

At least when I arrived home it was to fibery goodness. The reddish / purple is Extravagance and the grey is called Stormy Seas . Aren't they beautiful?!! They feel like cotton candy. I can't wait to spin these up.

Also a quick knit - Cashmere neckwarmer. It took all of 3 or 4 hours to knit and finish off. I am still not sure of the button placement.

I have moved it around several times and just finally decided to leave be. I best be off. I still have some work to do for tomarrow. Another meeting - Oye!

Things I like and Things that Bug Me

I'm not in a happy mood. Just moody. Not sure why. I went to get my haircut and my hairstylist said, "What hell is going on in your life? (Okay?) Your hair is dry as a bone and its getting really thin in the back. Have you had a lot of stress in your life? Whatever it is, get rid of it."

So, I get home and start thinking about things that bug me. The list is entirely too long! But stress comes with work, being married and having kids. It's life. Okay, what can I get rid of? hmm.... Any ideas?!? I love my job and yes it can be stressful. I have had too many meetings which leads to extra work in typing up reports. Lawn Guy is fine. He's been sick and hates his day job, but lawn season is coming. Dear Son, sigh. Probably the main problem of stress. He just doesn't get it. I pretty much told him he has to go and after I really look at how I have been feeling lately, he really needs to go. Problem is getting him out. He doesn't have anywhere to go. I told h…

Snow Dogs

Both of my dogs enjoy the snow. Poor Oreo has the shortest hair and is perpetually cold in the winter. So cold in fact that he sleeps under the covers between Lawn Guy and I at night. Friday, we had 8 1/2 inches of snow on the ground. I really felt sorry for Oreo because that meant the snow came up to his belly. Charlie on the other hand is such a hound dog that nothing bothers him. Of course it helps to be taller when bethrooming is invloved. Anyway, they love playing in the snow, so here's some pretty pictures.

Snow Day = Extra Fiber Time

One of the best things about working in the field of Education is the chance for snow days. Yesterday the kids were a buzz as were the teachers. The idea of break was a most wanted item. Our school has been hit pretty hard with the flu bug. I, myself have only just gotten over it myself. At least this time around, they announced the closing before the morning. I was snuggled into bed already cause 5:15 is an ungodly time to get up, but hey highway 40 closing has made the trip a little longer. So anyway, do I sleep in? No. 7:30. Well might as well knit! I love mornings and knitting time cause everyone is still in bed and house is quiet. I finished my Norwegian mittens. Yeah!

How is it things that are knit in pairs never turn out the same? Is there a knitting something that I am missing? Anyway, the second one is a little bigger and the thumb does not start in the same place, but they fit. For a first set of mittens, they'll be fine. They are very warm and that is what I was after a…