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Branson Trip and Baby was it Cold!!

Lawn guy and I made our way to visit Branson for the weekend. It was very chilly. I came prepared, but there is never enough wool if you are walking around Malls that are outside when it is less then 40 and windy. We really didn't do very much. We managed a little bit of Christmas shopping and sightseeing. We went up to Inspiration Tower. The view is probably wonderful in the spring or summer. We also went through the Trail of lights. That was glorious. Of course I left the camera at the condo, so no pics. It was peaceful though. I did get the leg down on a 2nd sock with the Monkey socks pattern. I am starting the heel and soon will have another pair of socks to keep me warm. How was your weekend?

Turkey Day Update

I love turkey day. Mainly because after the prep is done most of the work is done. This leaves time to watch football and knit. I like the Packers and they won today. Boring game to watch, but they are having a good season. Thanksgiving reminds me of Thanksgiving as a child. My parents tried very hard to get both sides of the family together for Thanksgiving. This was not an easy feat, but some how it always worked. The men in the living room watching the game, and the women chitchatting in the kitchen while dinner cooked. I have great memories of those times. I miss my family greatly around the holidays because they are all gone now. I just have my kids and my husband's family.

Since knitting has become my favorite hobby, and I have been working on learning how to spin my own yarn, I really have spent a lot of time just working on different projects. My dear friend Kathy said that I am knitting really fast. I have gotten a few little things done over the past few weeks. The projec…

Fiber Weekend

So first off, I went to my second spin class. It was very frustrating at first. I could not keep the wheel wheel going. I actually switched wheels to a double treadle and was finally able to get it going after about two hours. I get to keep the wheel for 2 weeks and really get a chance to learn how to use it. I am one of those obsessive / compulsive types that have to learn something right away. I spent most of Saturday spinning. In fact, I had to go and buy some more roving just so I can have enough to practice. Plus, I wanted something with a little color to it. Here's picture of the variegated yarn that I bought. It's mainly purple and white.

Here's what it should look like when its plied together.
I think its not too bad considering its only one day of practice. Now I have to talk Lawn guy into buying me a wheel for Christmas. Right now I am trying out an Ashford Kiwi and I really like it. I also like the style of the Traveller, but I have not tried one out.

Second and…

Check This Out!!

I just found out that my sister-in-law has joined the ranks of craftiness. She makes different styles of jewelry. Her items are beautiful and just in time for the holidays. Check out her site. It's Tammaleen's Bead Shop. There a link on the side bar. Let me know what you think of her site. Of course I have also talked into a Blog and going etsy. Check her out!!

Knitting Weekend

I'm back. We had a great time. The place was just cute. We had a ton of stuff with us. We ate, and ate, and then snacked some more. Shannon had a birthday to celebrate, so of course there were gifts.

We worked on the the So called scarf. We had lots of names for it, but not necessarily nice ones. Once the pattern got going it got much easier, but only Shannon finished her's during the trip. I am about halfway. It's beautiful. I'll show pics later. Check out the pics. The leaves are just lovely.

Get Packed! All set? - I Think....

So last night I packed up the car for a girls knitting weekend. I never seem to get over all the crap it takes to go anywhere that seems like being out in the wilderness. Not that we are sleeping outside, but we have to bring everything. Just imagine, everything necessary in your kitchen and the bathroom loaded in the back of a car. I managed, but I have a very large duffel bag, a large tub, sleeping bag & pillow, and there will be a cooler, too. Of course the knitting bag will go in! Now all I have to do, is manage to get two other people's kitchen, bathroom, and knitting in the car...... hmmmm...... more to come Sunday!

Spinning - Well Sort of.....

Actually, I am really excited about spinning. I went to my first class on Sunday. Meyer's was having sale day and the spinning teacher, Carol, was kind a enough to give me a lesson. It's all very complicated. It is fun and hard at the same time. I spent a couple of hours practicing and learning. Now I have 2 weeks to continue to get the hang of it before starting on the wheel. As far as knitting goes, I am still working on the Persephone. Its about 20 inches long and is turning out really nice. I bought some yarn for the so called scarf for next weekend (pics later). Some of my friends and I are going out of town to just hang out, knit, eat, knit, eat some more and just have a splendid time. More to come later!