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New to Me Singer 401A - Doris

Meet Doris. I named her after Doris Day. My mom love the movies from the 50's and 60's and I remember one of my favorites was Doris Day. I thought she was so pretty and a genuine lady. This girl runs great. Everything is clean and her cabinet is nice she, too. This is my first slant needle machine. I am really interested in getting her going. She need a spool pin that I have already patiently waiting for its arrival. More to come with her test run.


I have the best husband in the whole wide world. Not only does he put up with my crabbiness, he takes an avid interest in my hobbies, collections, basically anything in my interest. Two Saturdays ago, I was checking out sewing machines on craigslist. He asked if there was anything of interest. I said that there was a coffin treadle that I thought was a good buy. He asked if I had checked on it. I said no since I really didn't have funds to play with. He picks up my cell and text the guy. Next thing I know, we in the car headed to Alton to pick up Rose.

She was born in 1859 based on what I could find. Her rose and daisy decals are really in pretty good shape for her age. There is cleaning to do to see if there is any shine on the metal parts. I will need to give her a coat of clear gloss as most of it is gone now. I think she is fantastic.

Here is her coffin top and base. It's in poorer shape, but everything seems solid. I plan to refinish the wood and bring it back to its illu…

Slow Sunday Stitching

Sunday is usually the day for just slowing down, doing what I want, and hanging at home. The weather has definitely moved into fall. Friday night was well into the low 30's. I put the heavier quilt on the bed for Highway man to complain that we didn't need it. Yeah ok hon. He woke up before on Saturday and needless to say, he turned the heat on.
Slow stitching resulted in a ring around one flower while watching the Patriot / Bengals game. Lots of flags all night.
I also Highwayman bound quilt together. I need to add the grey border. I am so happy with the look if this. It has this Americana feel to it, It's plenty big and will do nicely in the truck for hubby. 

Picture with the intended border.
Quilting  out....

Sewing with Bonnie

I was so excited about quiltcam tonight. I got eight on the centers of my highwayman bound quilt blocks done. Not too shabby. I would have loved to get them all done, but I knew that wasn't going to happen. It kills me when I start to get close, but really not as close as I think I am. Oh well... Maybe a flimsy by the weekend.