It's OKAY to be BAD - It's ONLY Yarn

Well, life is looking better. As long as you're not concerned with rain, rain, and more rain. Last week in St. Louis is rained and rained. Of course, it is spring it should rain. Guess what's on the menu for this week, rain, rain, and more rain. Sounds like a broken record Huh? Of course there are only 18 more days of school, so all ideas of learning are a challenge for kids. Our principal gives us the pep talk every year to Save the Best for Last. True is theory. However, you could come to school dress only in the paint of the school colors with pom poms as your only learning tool and the kids would still say "I'm bored!!!" Little Darlings that they are. Speaking of total kid with no idea of what is appropriate, the other day my class was working on an activity involving writing a paragraph about ways to keep themselves healthy. I gave the example, I should only eat two cookies instead of all four just because they are there. Now mind you, I am not a Barbie nor will I ever be.

One of my students began this conversation:
"You're not big, Mrs. D"
"Well, I am not exactly thin."
"That's all right, Mrs. D. You go on and blow up; we'll still love you."

I just could not contain myself. I said well thank you because I knew he meant as a complement. Now of course, if my husband would have been the one saying that, I am quite sure I would have been pissed and left the room. Maybe age of the speaker makes the world go around.

Knitting, and Knitting. This is why I have sanity when I get home. I have at least accomplished a few things recently. I finished the green socks and the skull sweater for my daughter. Not that she has had either one on her body. Is this proof that she thinks I am a dork and doesn't want to say it aloud. Maybe. That's okay, she is the queen of drama any way, so life goes on. If never worn, I don't have to waste any more yarn on her. More for me!!!!

Speaking of more for me, right now work in progress is a sage green sweater that I am using Cascade 220. It's knit in the round for the days when kaos is in control. I love the idea of just knitting around and around. Some days all I want to sit and do nothing of importance and this is just right. It end up a crew neck and it will be great for the fall. Simple, simple.

I also have been working on a pair of felt clogs by Trendsetter. This a KAL that our guild is doing. WOW! are these fast. The pattern is fairly easy with some counting. Now if I can only get the sole right, I think I can finish them after the next meeting. Hopefully you can see the finished product in another week.

Mother's Day is coming, so I have been working on a pair of socks for my mother in law. They are in the Glacier colorway by Fleece Artist. I love this stuff. It is sooooo pretty. It's knit in a corded rib out of Sensational Socks. I so love this book. I never like to read instruction manually-like book. But this is so easy to find the information that is makes reading it a pleasure.

Yarn store way to close to home. Knitorious which of course is the LYS to be all is only 5 blocks from my home. Not so good when it comes to trying to be good because I still have yarn cakes for other projects looking at me - "like I'm next" and "I thought you loved me." Of course I do as a pat their little head and close the lid - what your stash can't see, well, all bets a off as soon as you walk in to the store any way. I bought some Cascade Sierra in this most gorgeous blue. It reminds me of a Peacock. I had intended to buy a mulberry color, but blue is cool too, to knit a challenging cable sweater (see picture) from Cables Untangled. This is another fav of mine. I have made a cabled hat from it and I want to make the cabled blanket on the cover, but I think I may die of shock at the cost of that. I think I'll talk Mr. K into that for Christmas. Some how large expenses don't seem to make him ill. However, if he only knew the cost of the lovies that I buy, I might get restricted. Yeah right!!

Anyway, the yarn that I bought seems to have fallen out of the bag and trying to snake its way over to me. Is there any chance it will jump onto the winder and wind it self up? Augh, the thrill of winding 12 skeins, my, my, and I thought the cables where the challenge!!


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