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Bright Sunny Sunday

What a glorious day it is. I know it has been a long time since my last post, but again KOAS!!! Life happens. First of all jury duty. I had a plan, I had the yarn, the needles, other stuff that is a must for every knitting bag. I was ready - until I read the jury notice. Then, my heart fell. All that deciding and preparing for me to read - no knitting needles. Are you kidding me! Like, who am I planning to stab?! After all, I do have bamboo needles as well as metal. Yes, the metal ones are sharp, but who plans to kill someone with a knitting needle? Any way. Let's see what I have been doing lately.

One lonely sock using Sockerette yarn. It is just a fun color and watching what happens is way cool. This was my first attempt at socks. I used a pattern out of Sensational Socks. This is an excellent book. Like most knitters, I do not want to "read" everything.


This is the sweater that I started for my daughter before Christmas that of course was suppose to be a gift. I …