Bright Sunny Sunday

What a glorious day it is. I know it has been a long time since my last post, but again KOAS!!! Life happens. First of all jury duty. I had a plan, I had the yarn, the needles, other stuff that is a must for every knitting bag. I was ready - until I read the jury notice. Then, my heart fell. All that deciding and preparing for me to read - no knitting needles. Are you kidding me! Like, who am I planning to stab?! After all, I do have bamboo needles as well as metal. Yes, the metal ones are sharp, but who plans to kill someone with a knitting needle? Any way. Let's see what I have been doing lately.

One lonely sock using Sockerette yarn. It is just a fun color and watching what happens is way cool. This was my first attempt at socks. I used a pattern out of Sensational Socks. This is an excellent book. Like most knitters, I do not want to "read" everything.


This is the sweater that I started for my daughter before Christmas that of course was suppose to be a gift. I have finished the other sleeve since I took this picture and plan to seam it up. Hopefully she will get a little wear out of it before summer.

The last project is the Civil War Shawl knit along. I just love this. I have never made anything with lace weight either. However the color is beautiful and the pattern is not too bad. It has been fun working on this. Of course this is just a little bit. So you will see it again and again. Eventually, it will be around 72 inches, so I have a long way to go.

Another note, I was listening to someone's podcast recently - sorry I can't remember who. Any way, she said buying yarn is like like crack. I just thought that was hilarious and had to share. Don't tell your non-knitting partner this because they may try to limit your spending for your stash! NOW this would be a BAD thing for a knitter and may cause an "accidental death" to which we would support if we were the jury. Enjoy!


Lucinda said…
No knitting needles?!?!? How unfair is that?!?

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