A little Knitting comes to pass

Not much on the home front as of late. Hanging out at home and knitting on a sweater for the hubster. There will be more to come of that soon. I have a few items from before the festivities that I wanted to share.

First Dear Daughter asked for a hat. Oh a while ago. Like while I was still knitting husband's Striped Sweater. Same colors because she wanted a blue hat. It was suppose to be more of a beanie style, but daughter has the head the size of an egg, so it's a hat. That's okay; she asked for another in green. Hopefully I can work on this one today.

Second, one of my dearest friend's also received a hat. Well I would say done when I gifted it to her, but it is finished now. Very pretty hat. I want to knit another. It's called Coldharbour by Wooly Wormhead.

Lastly, I finished a KAL for the Basket Weave Cowl. It turned out just lovely. I used Fresco in a nice medium blue. Blocking this baby was a little tough. I forget how much stretching, tugging, and pulling there can be when blocking. Excellent results though.

Another shocking update to pass on, hubby wore his Stripes out of the house on Christmas day. Holy bananas!


CraftyGryphon said…
Lovely work! (I'm gonna have to track down that Coldharbour pattern...)

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