Happy 4th of July

A very American kind of day for me. The fireworks ended sometime around 1 A.M. here. I am sure tonight will be the same. I was up by 7 because hey, the dogs wanted breakfast. I had a cup of coffee and some cereal, cor worst a friend into going to a gun show with me. I find guns to be interesting. I grew up with loaded guns around the house, and I just knew my backside would not be happy if I ever decided to touch one. Not sure why we have such problems with kids now a days touching them Of course things have changed in the world of discipline.Anyway, no soapbox rants! I did find a compact gun for conceal and carry and home defense. No, I am not one of those doomsday people; I just like guns. Anyway, I got a great deal on it and had a good time hanging with my co-conspirator.

Then onto brats, hot dogs, and hamburgers for dinner. I told you it was all-american! Fireworks tonight were amazing! I hung out with the central spur as we have dubbed our section of the subdivision watching the fireworks that they shot as well as the rest of the neighborhood. Let me just tell ya, it was like being at a fireworks display. Awesome!

Lastly, drug the dogs up as two of them getting too stressed with the amount of time fireworks go off around here. I hope your 4th was as eventful as mine.


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