Finished Stripes

That's right! Lawn Guy's sweater is done, washed, and blocked! Now mind you, he is a big guy, so lots of yarn was used. I worked on this puppy starting at the beginning of spring until it was a little to warm to worry about him wearing it and put it a side for fall. Well, it's been rather chilly. Also, we are going out of town this weekend for a little outdoor activities. We decided that I needed to get this finished before we leave. Cool! I made it in plenty of time. Only problem is, I barely had this one soaking when he was calling and asking for another. Huh, sure I can do that. Another monster sweater before snow shoveling season. Sigh!


Rachel said…
That is a nice looking sweater!
CraftyGryphon said…
It didn't even have time to dry before...?

Oh well. He's a nice Lawn Guy. I guess he can have TWO sweaters!

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