Wednesday Update

Like the title? Yeah I know everyone uses it, but it does perk up your attention! I said I would have pictures of my knitting. I wanted to block the Teal sweater before I took pictures of it. I love it. The sleeves are suppose to be longish and I like that sometimes. It fits well with the funnel neck. Its so soft and it blocked out very nicely. Note very favorite coffee mug.

The next two are the only wips I have right now. I am really going to try and finish one of the socks and have a healthy start on the second before I start something else. Surely I can stick to that, sigh. Those of you who truly know me know not to take that bet! Clapote is plugging along nicely. I am have half through and I absolutely love the color. Note its cloudy and it has rained for 2 flippin' days here is St. Louis, so the colors do not look to good.

What have you been up to?


Gardagami said…
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Shannon said…
THAT looks kickass. I LOVE the neck!
CraftyGryphon said…
That looks really great! I love the color. (Cool mug, too!)

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