Spinning - Well Sort of.....

Actually, I am really excited about spinning. I went to my first class on Sunday. Meyer's was having sale day and the spinning teacher, Carol, was kind a enough to give me a lesson. It's all very complicated. It is fun and hard at the same time. I spent a couple of hours practicing and learning. Now I have 2 weeks to continue to get the hang of it before starting on the wheel. As far as knitting goes, I am still working on the Persephone. Its about 20 inches long and is turning out really nice. I bought some yarn for the so called scarf for next weekend (pics later). Some of my friends and I are going out of town to just hang out, knit, eat, knit, eat some more and just have a splendid time. More to come later!


I keep thinking I should learn to spin, but lord knows I don't need another hobby!
Shoes said…
I was wondering how the class went....

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