New Plan, New Name

I tried another blog site. It's just to hard to figure everything out. So, I am back, but I really like the name of the other blog, so in the future I will be wheelinsticks here!. Since I started spinning recently, I really want to change the name to something that says something about both of my loves - obsessions is such a dirty word! I have lots to catch you up on, so this maybe a little long.

I finished a pair of monkey socks that have been hibernating for a very long time. I did reknit the first sock a second time because I think I used a smaller needle or I just am knitting tighter than before. No worries though, now the socks fit great and I can see the pattern better. The yarn is Deyebolical's Hidden Tiger. Love this yarn. It is very soft and feels great on my feet.

I am not sure where I am on my Kauni Cardi. I think when I cut the armhole steeks I messed it up big time. I am nearly positive; I am just waiting for we can fix that or start over. Fortunately, Lawn Guy takes things in stride. He just said, "well, I guess you can start over right?" Very true. If it is that's life. Knitorious is talking about a knit-along for it after they receive their shipment, so I can make it then.

Right now, I am taking break from the Felted Clogs that I started for Lawn Guy. I love making the clogs. They are easy and fast. Just make sure that the yarn is feltable! Quick trip to Knitorious to avert disaster! Pic's when they are done.

The other night, Lawn Guy looks out the window and then ask me if the camera has night shots. Yes I say and grab the camera. Into the kitchen I came to find Lawn Guy saying, "Look at this, is that really an owl?" Oh my Goodness. I look out there and there is a Spotted Owl perched on top of the umbrella. I did get a picture. Unfortunately, his head was turned. I could not believe it. An owl in the middle of South St. Louis!


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