Are you Kiddin' Me?

WTF!!! I came home on Friday afternoon to no fence in the back of the yard! I call my husband to ask what was he thinking. Yes, he had already called the guy installing the fence to complain. A lot of good that did. I have no fence and 2 dogs that love to bark at everything including the growing grass! Now hubby and friends did try to put up some orange plastic fencing, yeah know the kind that they use to keep people out of dangerous areas. The problem is, there is nothing to attach it to. We put sticks through the mesh hold it up. Then, along comes the rain and the wind, and half the fence falls down again. I have been out there twice tonight trying to fix it so the dogs can feel like they can roam little, but it keeps coming down. I can not tell how stupid I think the 2 of them are. When, does one wonder when they get to the fence? Well, fence guy is out of town until Wednesday. Great plan. I will have a cow if I loose a dog over this. Anyone else out there with a Dum and Dummer plan?


Hey some idiot drove through ours and snapped the poles off at the concrete. What sucked was our neighbors say the 20 minute ordeal of the guy doing it while we were at work and didn't even call the police.

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