Time is a Flyin'

No, I am not dead just lazy. I wish I had a really good excuse as to why I have not been blogging, but I don't. I seemed to slowed on fibery goodness. I have projects I want to knit and thoughts about starting them, but just haven't. Maybe because I am on that limb of needing a challenge, but setting sights a little high. Okay it's called being chicken! Yeah I know, its just knitting, it can be ripped back, nothings to hard once you start. Start there's that word again

Start = chicken

Anyway, plan B - finish everything that I have on needles. Which I did. I finished the socks that I had started way back in November. They look great and fit wonderfully. Also, I finished the baby hat to go with the Kimono top for baby to be here on Wednesday. The hat was so fast to knit. I sat down to watch a movie and finished the hat before it was over. Very cool. Lastly, I started Branching Out with my hand spun. I started Tuesday night and it's about half way finished.

On the spinning front. I am almost through spinning up Culamet 2 into singles. I love the color changes from the bight oranges to reds to deep browns. I have a little over 5 oz of fiber. I think I'll end up with 2 full bobbins and 2 halves. I am trying to decide if I want to Navajo ply which will keep most of the color changes, or make it a 2-ply and let colors meld together with the barber pole effect. What do you think?


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