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Whew time is a flying! I swear this school year is off to a flying start. Now that we are in the mitts of IEP meetings, I think I am gonna die. I have 3 this week, possibly 4 plus parent/teacher conferences. I will be looking forward to going to the cabin with the girls to celebrate Mindy's last weekend of being single. I finally picked a pattern for the weekend, now I have to buy some yarn. Oh the shame of going to a yarn shop - yeah right, do ya know me? I'll be the one with handfuls trying to decide what I can't live without. The only plus is that I am at my favorite LYS, Knitorious, every Wednesday! This means I can oogle and ahh every week.

There are 2 patterns out there that I really want to knit. The first one is the one for the KAL at the cabin. The Broad Street Mittens. You can find that one on The other is a scarf called October is for Spinners and it has a great design including a big spider at the bottom of one edge. Check them out! I can't wait til I get a little further into the projects I have going already to start these lovelies.

I have been a lot of spinning lately. I spun up a couple of different fibers for Megan. The reddish brown is a wool that she dyed on our Dyeing day at Mindy's. The other was wool blend that I was practicing with a faster whorl. I am also working on the Republic hat for a friend. I am a 1/3 of the way through the hat right now. I need to find a cool button for it.

Oh I nearly forgot! A finished object! The Violets shawl is done. I finished last Wednesday. It's a smallish shawl, but it's all my handspun. I really like the way it turned out.


The shawl is so pretty, I am astounded by the knitting, but that you also spun the yarn, you are awesome. Good luck with the IEPs. I miss you guys on Wednesday night.
CraftyGryphon said…
The shawl is lovely. Now that I'm (just barely) starting to spin myself, I *really* appreciate all the work that went into it even *before* all the knitting!

(tinyvoice: "Someday, I'm going to be able to do that...")

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