Yeah for Saturdays

I love Saturdays. Of all of the days of the week, Saturday is my favorite.
1. I get to sleep in
2. I can stay in my jammies, drinking coffee, and surfing the net, all morning
3. The puppies get their weekend dose of mom and playing
4. My all-time favorite, pick activities that I want to do!! Examples include knitting, spinning, and reading, and a little TV

What your favorite day?


Sadly, I am working this Saturday.
Crafty and Crap said…
Ditto although Sunday evenings i get the energy to do all that I should have done the rest of the weekend.
CraftyGryphon said…
Oh, I remember those Saturdays. My DH used to work a few blocks from home, so he could do all the Ikky Weekend-Type Stuff after work during the week. Now we have to do it all on Saturdays, so no more sleeping in then! (And we really *shouldn't* sleep in on Sunday, but I won't say it hasn't happened from time to time...!)

I'm glad you get happySaturdays!!

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