Tough Week

Well I am nearing the end of the school year. Usually, the end of the school year is an exciting time for me. I begin to reminiscence of all the fun things that the kids did throughout the year. As we take things down and toss out all their hard work it fills me with pride to see just how far they have come. Additionally, this year I was split between 2 grade levels which allowed me to watch kids grow for 2 complete years. Wow what a difference! 8th graders can be really obnoxious, but you can have mature conversations with them. Their ideas and thoughts are just fantastic to listen to. I love them to death even though they are full of themselves!

This week has just been plain busy. Monday I finally got the Internet back up on all the computers. Nearly 5 hours of trying to get it fixed is just too much. In the middle of this, my cockatiel that was nearing the age of 17 fell off her perch. I went to her cage knowing that her end was near. I took her out and held her until she passed. It's hard to come into the room where she was. I was always greeted by a whistle and a ticking sound that was a kiss from her. We buried in the back part of the yard beyond the fence so she can rest in peace. I'll miss her.

Friday morning I knew I had drug my feet long enough. I came in and got to work. Fortunately most of my classes were busy pulling things down, putting things away, and playing games. This allowed me to get grades in, and progress reports completed. Done with the big stuff. From there that left me with dread of facing the packing. Change is hard on everyone. I know this, but it doesn't make it pleasant. I started packing, and boy do I have a lot of stuff to move. Good thing someone else is moving it. I am trying to stay positive. I ran into the woman who is essentially taking my position and she wished me well. Now I was so polite. Some of you know me well know that I am truly pissed over the situation, but that's why we have by-laws as part of our contract. Even though she's a shitty teacher and is not good for kids, she gets to stay because of seniority. She tried to be supportive telling how she and her husband have been relocated out of jobs in the past. I stood there and smiled the whole time wishing I could tell her that she should be the one relocating since it's so easy and a few other choice things, but instead I continue to play in my bitter barn for awhile longer. Again, changes suck!


Kara said…
Sorry to hear about Skippy. :(

And hopefully the transition to the new school will go well, although I'd be bitter if I was in your position, too.
Been there, it sucks, I struggle with the bitterness everyday. Good luck will keep sending you positive thoughts.
Crafty and Crap said…
Sorry about skippy. I had no idea they lived that long.

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