Another Birthday Passes By

The only thing I really dislike about my birthday is that it is basically the call to end summer vacation. Another week and the school starts back. Sigh. Fortunately I have cool friends and family to celebrate the B-day. My very good hearted friends went with me to make earrings (girly, I know), but I love earrings. I just hate buying them. Maybe this way I'll actually have earrings that I really like. Anyhoo, I drug Mindy, Kara, Shannon, and lovely dear daughter to Lady Bug Beads. The store was great. I have been there before and didn't have the best experience, but I wanted to give them another shot. They had another girl come in just in case we needed an extra hand. However, the woman that helped us was absolutely fantastic! She gave us help in the finer points, made daughter's earring cause she does not have any crafty genes, and put together both of my pairs since I boshed the one I was making up.

After playing in the bead shop, we went to eat at the Roadhouse. Thank God it wasn't raining cause it was freezing inside, so to the outside we went. Carrie and Mike joined us for the eats. The food was great and the conversations were even better. Mindy had BBQ spaghetti that she referred to as "white trash" spaghetti to a friend of hers who works there. Of course in a low whisper, in good rumour, he said that they really don't call it that. Hehe! Too much fun.

I got home to Lawn Guy calling and asking me if I'd heard my phone because he tried calling me. Huh no, I didn't take it in the restaurant. He replies why were you at a restaurant? I say, remember earrings and dinner? He totally forgot it was my birthday. I know he felt like a heel because he doesn't forget very often. That's my job. I kinda laughed because I had a feeling he did, but why put the guy on the spot. Either way it was fun. Now I have lots of fiber and books to play with, not to mention a possibly new distraction.


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