Unpacked Ready or Not....

I went to my new school on Thursday to get my things unpacked and help set the room up. I met lots of staff, but I couldn't tell ya any of thier names. I know this is the way of a new builing. My supplies from the district have not arrived, nor the text books, nor do I know my caseload yet. Sigh. A week to school offical now and some of these things are essential. After setting things up we went to happy hour at Chevy's. I never do well at these things and I usually avoid them, but I felt I should go and meet people. Like most things when I don't know anyone I ate and drank a little until a decent time passed and said my goodbyes. Hopefully once the year gets rolling things will fall into place. Gotta keep it positive or it can be a very long year.


Sending you lots of luck in your new locale.

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