Dear Blog,
I know I been a little distant, but hey, it's summer! Yeah right, I know I managed to blog last summer. Arguing with myself is futile and looks a little childish wouldn't ya say.

Anyhoo,Pepper is getting huge or at least way bigger than he was as a puppy. He loves to sleep on his back and will lay on another dog to get in that position. He weighs 21 pounds now at 6 months. Lawn guy said last night,
He is a really pretty dog. I'm glad his hair is getting fuller.
Wow that is saying a lot.

On the fiber front. I am still mainly knitting on the Modern Day Log Cabin. I'm on block 5 finally. I did get a reprieve though. Since neither hubby or I can attend due to work conflicts, I don't have to get it finished by the second week of August. I am really glad because I love the pattern and it is going well, but it does take a long time. Right now it's measuring 30 x 40 with the 4 blocks done. I think by the time I do all of it, or run out of yarn, I'm thinking it might be double in size. Plenty big enough to two love birds to snuggle under.

I also finished spinning up a couple of skeins of wool. Not sure what they will become, but the colors are fantastic. The blue is 3-ply Corriedale 178 yards on the Aran side, and the Chameleon (isn't that the prefect name) is 2-ply DK weight 298 yards 100% wool. Both still need a bath and a good beating.

On the wheel currently is some very pretty color Suri Alpaca. I am not sure about this one. It's still got a hell of a lot of VM in it, and it's matted together in some places. I think I spun up about a half of an ounce before I got too frustrated with it. Better to start fresh with a better game plan than ruined it.


Hey our Lanie sleeps on her back too, wondering if it is a border collie thing.
Rachel said…
Life is too short to spin crappy alpaca.

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