Frog Princess Sweater

Corny I know, but yeah, it is nearly Halloween! I have been working on a little sweater set for DD's best friend's baby to be. Daughter's BFF is having a little girl, but the sweater could not be frilly at-all. No pink, no lace, no ribbons. Ah the powers of Ravelry. I had an idea that I wanted to knit a Baby Surprise jacket because I have never made it and oh is it adorable. Easy peasy. Knit in 2 weeks in Cannon's Simply Soft shadows. Hat 64 stitches knit flat. 6 rows of rib. Garter stitch for 6 inches. Decrease 2tog to end, knit the next row. Repeat the Decrease row once more. Cut yarn, slip through the remaining stitches and sew up the back.


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