Oh Knit Me Shawl

I seem to be on a kick to start everything in sight. Seriously! This is not good. Things I have started this January include a sweater for the hubby, spinning a sweater for me, and 2 shawls.

First up is a shawl that I am knitting from hand spun. I figured with the wonderful St. Louis weather this fits the bill. The colorway is Cold front and the pattern is Traveling Woman.
It's almost done. I have the final chart to do and bind off. I was going to add another repeat of the horseshoe lace, but I am not sure if I would have enough yarn.

Also I found this lovely lonely skein of Zephyr laceweight in a very pretty colorway called Curry. I am doing a KAL for the Aeolian shawl. Lovely with all the beads. I like the simplicity of the beads on the yarn, subtle but definitely there.

Through the set up chart.


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